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The Customer Analytics feature included within Clerk’s Audience tool, provides you with a range of detailed metrics for each customer segment that you create.

For example, you can discover metrics like customer lifetime value, revenue generated per year, the average order value and even the most popular products within that Audience.

You will also be able to compare how your segment compares to the average of all customers.

Clerk’s Customer Analytics tool has many different applications that gives you the information you need to make data-informed decisions.

For example, you will be able to identify the customer segments providing you with the highest yearly revenue, so you can focus your marketing efforts on this group of customers.

Moreover, you can improve profitability by selling more high-margin products.

Meanwhile Clerk's Audience allows you to generate more short-term revenue to fuel long-term profits.

You can also calculate if your Black Friday customers are worthwhile customers by keeping track of their lifetime value.

Interested in learning more about Audience segmentation and what you can learn about your customers with Customer Analytics?

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