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Clerk Recommendations has a new feature! Previously, Recommendations made it possible to display relevant blog posts and articles in search results for customers wanting to do a little extra reading before clicking 'add to basket' 🛒.

But what happens once customers are on your blog? Or when they start their journey there?

With this new feature, you can now automatically display relevant product, page, and category banners on your blog or any landing pages you like to make it easier for customers to continue their shopping journey on your site.

Here are a few ways Content Recommendations can help your e-commerce business:

Provide a better shopping experience 🌟

Nearly 90% of customers do research before making a purchase. Including content in your search results provides customers with the opportunity to do their research (comparing products, features, prices, etc.) while remaining on your site. However, if you don’t provide customers with a natural next step once they have explored your content, you risk losing them.

By adding product recommendations to your content pages you can provide customers with an easier way to discover and shop the products they were just reading about. Plus, should they wish to continue exploring, you can also include additional page and category recommendations on these landing pages. These elements ultimately provide customers with a more seamless shopping experience on your website.

product recommendations

Increase ROI of your content marketing efforts 💰

Creating content is a huge investment of resources, however, it can be extremely valuable in driving more organic traffic, strengthening your brand, and educating customers on your product offerings. By promoting your blog content across your e-commerce site through recommendation banners, you can increase exposure amongst your customer base and gain more internal links strengthening your SEO.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Connecting your content to relevant shoppable products lowers your bounce rate (strengthening your SEO) and can help increase your conversion rate since the customer has already invested time and energy into the decision.

content recommendations

Save time and resources ⏱️

Keeping track of old or outdated links can be time-consuming and harmful to your user experience. By utilizing Clerk’s dynamic recommendation banners, you can ensure customers are always shown relevant recommendations while increasing the lifecycle of your content with no extra effort. It's as easy as clicking a few buttons!

Here are the new logic options to choose from:

Logic options

To learn more about how you can get started with setting up content recommendations today, check out our support article!

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