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ClerkCore™ is our proprietary personalization technology with an algorithm specifically designed and tailored to the needs of the modern e-commerce store. Automatically Grow Sales.

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Simply a better personalization technology for E-Commerce

ClerkCore™ differs from older personalization technologies such as collaborative filtering or neural networks thanks to a better prediction rate and data efficiency that's perfect for e-commerce.

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Artificial Intelligence that learns instantly

ClerkCore™ instantly indexes your entire product catalogue, even when new items are added, providing true personalization from day 1 (and no "learning periods").

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Natively omnichannel works across all channels, whether online or offline, making all customer and product data accessible so you can provide an outstanding user experience every time.

Consistent customer experience works across all channels, whether online or offline; providing data about your customers and products that helps you to provide an outstanding user experience every time.
Real-time optimization
Our real-time optimization layer enables us to react in real time as customer behavior changes or new campaigns are launched.

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