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Instantly find the products that your customers want to buy and the customers that want to buy your products and present them with the right offer at the right time, wherever they are.

With just a few clicks we can now find segments that are readily available for the whole marketing department.
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A Toolbox of Segmentation Magic

Work smarter, not harder with relevance at scale


Segment by Product Interest

Create perfect up- and cross-sell campaigns with custom audiences based on interests in specific products or categories based on simple keywords and filters.


Target by Customer Type

Customize your messaging, frequency and offers you send out based on how often your audience segment purchase and their expected value.


Reach at Specific Customer Life Cycles

Base your next marketing initiative on the stage a segment of your customers are in. Slipping away? Automatically activate a win-back flow or retarget with personalized ads.


Filter by Price Sensitivity

Segment your product offerings or create similar audiences on ad platforms with customers you know are more likely to purchase cheaper or more expensive products.


Segment by Order History

Create audiences based on order history such as order count, avg value, time window, and more to find relevant recipients to your campaigns.


Omnichannel Targeting

Grow your customer base, enhance your data, and target the right people, at the right time, across multiple channels by syncing your audiences with your Ad, ESP, and CRM platforms.

Real-Time Audience Insights

Actionable feedback to better understand what and who drives conversions

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The All-in-One Audience Segmentation Engine

Customer Importance

Audiences based on purchase frequency split into VIPs, Frequent Buyers, Loyal Customers & One-Time Buyers.

Predicted Lifetime Value

Find your most valuable audiences to target through the estimated remaining lifetime value of each.

Product Interest

Segment by Interested In, Purchased, and Haven't Purchased across all product parameters using keywords and filters.

Life Cycle

Segment customer activity based on their regular purchase pattern from Just Ordered, Active, Slipping Away, & Lost.

Centralized Developer Logs

Fully detailed developer logs on events from your connected sources and data syncs for instant debugging across channels.

Omnichannel Audiences

Target and grow your customer base across omnichannel experiences with our ESP, CRM, Ad & Social integrations.

Growth Monitor

View how your customer segments develop over time across life cycle and importance.

Order Attributes

Segment using specific order information such as number of orders, date of order, average order value etc.

Price Sensitivity

Segment based on sensitivity to product prices using data from order history and its item's price brackets.

Customer Value vs. Risk Matrix

Visual overview of your most valuable customer segments vs. how likely you are to lose them.


Complete revenue attribution and impact statistics.

Health Checks

Instant visual overview of how your store is connected and quality of the data being fed to

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With just a few clicks we can now answer complicated business queries and find segments that are readily available for the whole marketing department.

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