Intelligent Customer Data Platform

Create a single source of marketing truth by connecting multiple data sources to centralize your segmentation and audience creation that delivers successful and personalized omnichannel experiences.


Multiple data sources

Predictive segmentation

Audience and 1:1 personalization using AI


Omnichannel engagement & growth
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Instant customer data activation

Gathering and storing data is one thing, but actually allowing everyone in your organization to access and use it is another. We've solved that with the world's easiest to use CDP

Customer segmentation & personalization

Predictive customer scoring

Profile unification

Smart behavioral retargeting & lookalike advertising

Product recommendations

Omnichannel automation

Email deliverability enhancement

Online to Offline connection

E-Commerce + CDP = A match made in heaven

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) solves one of E-Commerce's biggest challenges- the gathering and simplification of actionable insights across multiple touch points that creates and stores holistic customer records, attributes, and overall data.

This allows you to activate customer data and create hyper-targeted audiences and personalized experiences across multiple channels such as your website, ad platforms, email, CRM, and so much more.

At we have solved this challenge by combining the ClerkCore™ AI-based search and recommendation engine with our CDP, providing a single 360° customer view that helps target your shoppers with the right product, the right messaging, at the right time, wherever they are.

A match made in heaven.

Increasing customer lifetime value and loyalty

Implementing a CDP creates consistent experiences and relevance across platforms ensuring maximum impact across their different lifecycle stages.

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Powerful Integrations with Your Favorite Platforms

We're best friends with your e-commerce, marketing, CRM, and ad platforms.