Take full control of your shopping experience

Control the shopping experience with tailored recommendations that use custom merchandising rules across your site, in categories, or single presentations. Automatically Grow Sales.

e-commerce data card showing orange trainers sneakers with rules and actions drop down

E-Commerce merchandising, simplified

Simple rules, powerful results.


Promote specific brands or products

Enhance visibility and promote specific vendors or items with simple filters that ensure featured placements on your search results, categories, landing pages, and more.


Meet your internal business goals

Promote and sell products that matter the most to your bottom line by prioritizing high-margin products, the number of stock units in storage, and much more.


Bundle matching items

Powerful filters create bundling logics that pairs relevant products frequently bought together based on behavioral and sales data to increase your basket size.


Align marketing campaigns

Launch custom recommendations based on sale items, colors, sizes and much more to quickly create targeted campaigns.