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As the holiday season approaches, it’s high time for us to unwrap the concept of e-commerce automation and its importance for driving sales and growth.

E-commerce automation can be tools that handle tasks like inventory management, order fulfillment, or the communication between you and your business.

But there are a lot of other tasks that automation tools can do for you.  Having your various manual tasks automated allows for you to focus on bigger projects and growth.

In this blog, we’ll be going through 4 benefits of automation, that will give you a better understanding of how it can be beneficial for your business.

4 valuable reasons why you should start implementing automation to your business

1. Save time so you can focus on the more important things

Getting rid of the repetitive small tasks will free up your time, so that you can focus on the more important and bigger projects. 

Imagine having more time to plan your holiday sales strategy, as automation handles the daily grind of updating your webshop. 

Utilizing Clerk’s Recommendations tool does not only help you save time, but it’s also profitable in many ways for your business. Automatically present your visitors with products they are most likely to purchase, with an AI-Powered tool designed to match your products and customers. 

Presents relevant recommendations across your site from the front page, categories, product pages, and many more with high-converting visuals.

Download our white-paper for best practices on how our Recommendations tool can help you. 

2. Increase customer satisfaction

Taking care of the customer journey is not an easy task at all. The focus on gaining new customers, while maintaining existing customers, can be complicated to juggle. 

Not only this, but it can also be an expensive task for you. Did you know it actually costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one?

Having a tool that makes it easy for your customers to find the product that they are seeking is essential to enhancing the online shopping experience. That’s why our Search tool is perfect for your webstore as it allows for your customers to easily find what they’re looking for. 

By utilizing our tool, you completely personalize the search experience, by showing the most relevant products for your customers. Even after 2 keystrokes, our AI will predict what your customers are searching for and present them with the suggested products.

Download our white-paper for best practices on how our Search can be beneficial for you.

3. Fuelling your teams productivity and motivation

As your company grows, the more manual tasks will be a part of your employees’ daily work routines. Those tasks that might not take a long time to finish, but they can still demotivate and drain your employees energy.

In fact, 89% of employees feel more satisfied with their job due to the use of automation. That’s why it’s crucial to help and support your employees by utilizing tools to automate a lot of these smaller tasks so they can focus on the bigger projects. 

84% of employees feel more satisfied with their company, if said company uses automation tools. 

Just like elves in Santa's workshop, your team's productivity can soar with the right automation tools, keeping spirits high even in the busiest season.

4. Gaining valuable data insights

E-commerce automation tools will help you gain a competitive advantage, when it comes to understanding your customers

With valuable data of your customers, you’re able to personalize your marketing efforts, which in the end is profitable, both for you and the buyer.

How are you supposed to know how your customers interact with your web store? 

Understanding customer behavior during the holiday rush period is key. Our cookieless tools offer insights as invaluable as knowing every detail of a master chef's holiday feast.

By utilizing our state-of-the-art tools, you can gain insights on how your customers behave while they’re skiing through your web store. From this, you can take this information and further improve the overall shopping experience in the future. 

And the best part. All our products come with dashboards that allow you to gain further insights into how your customers are interacting with each.


E-commerce automation is like the skilled elves in Santa's workshop, enhancing your business's efficiency and effectiveness during the bustling holiday season. 

By embracing automation, you not only save valuable time but also increase customer satisfaction, fuel your team's productivity, and gain valuable insights into consumer behavior. 

Just as Santa relies on his elves to prepare for Christmas, your business can rely on automation tools to handle the small repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. 

Create a more productive workforce and sleigh your competition this holiday season with the help of Clerk’s AI-powered tools.

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