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Let’s talk about your business. What’s one important thing when you’re running it? My guess would be to keep it low cost. It helps you maintain a healthy profit and keep prices reasonable for your consumers.

One must keep a close eye on business costs, if opportunities arise that allow you to lower them, why wouldn't you dive straight in there? But hold up because they may have a reverse effect on what you’re actually intending.

Let’s have a little gab about Chatbots. Are they all they're cracked up to be? We’ve already seen the good sides of these little helpers so now let’s get into the bad side...

Too complicated?

It’s been noted (quite often) that chatbots are complicated. They need a lot of time, to nurture and to understand. Just like the basil plant you buy from the supermarket, you consider for a millisecond that you could be a gardener because you kept it alive for more than two days but then, inevitably, it dies a death. These complications, we want to avoid. Chatbots can sometimes annoy your consumer because of their slowness and difficulty to filter.


Talking about filtering, see how can help you with segmentation.

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Right or Wrong ...

More wrong than right. I, myself have experienced the frustration first hand of trying to communicate with a bot and getting nowhere. Fair enough, they can’t process information like a trusty customer success person but still, they seem to get stuck very easily and that for a consumer can rile you up! This could lead to your e-commerce losing sales because your consumers given up, the bots ruined the experience.

Right or Wrong


In the introduction to this blog post, we spoke about trying to keep a low cost while running your business. So although chatbots are useful programs that help you save on labour, they’re still not humans. They can’t be programmed like their human counterpart and that basically means an increase  in installation cost, that is, if you decide to get some chatbots for your business. It’s a risky investment and the price just heightens as you’ve got to regularly update. Stacking up on them chatbot bills now are we?


To conclude, although it is true that using chatbots in some businesses is a good way to lower costs and increase profits. You should consider all of the pros and cons before adding them to your business.

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