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Easy-to-understand, modular, and scalable pricing options that ensure you only pay for the amount you use. Add more products at any time to unlock even further personalization and automation potential for your webstore.


Improved order value


Improved basket size


Contributed revenue
*Real averages across all e-commerce stores using Clerk vs. those who didn’t within the same quarter.

How our price-model works

The more you use, the cheaper it is
Our pricing model is incrementally tiered per product and is based on actual usage.
Cost per usage decreases the higher the tier.
Build up your platform through modularity
Choose a combination of one, two, three, or all four of Clerk's products. Our platform provides you with the building blocks to power your webstore.
Full contract-frequency flexibility
We offer several contracts, from monthly to half-yearly and annual, meaning you have the flexibility to decide what arrangement suits you best.

Thousands of e-tailers already use Clerk to grow their businesses

Why should you choose Clerk?

World's best-rated platform
Clerk is proud and honored to be recognized as the world's best rated e-commerce personalisation platform.
360° e-commerce traffic coverage
Unleash your full potential with Clerk’s unique product suite and its combined 360° traffic coverage.
Cookieless personalization
Provide your visitors with a tailored shopping experience without compromising their privacy.
Our algorithms and AI need no learning time. You'll accelerate your growth from Day 1 using Clerk.
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"I love! <3 As a smaller, but growing, e-commerce shop in Denmark, Clerk has been one of our most important partners as they really affect half of all our orders, which is pretty amazing. Their product recommendations raise our average basket size by now 22%!"

Daniel Johannesen


"We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and Clerk's automated email recommendations. Clerk showed a 32% higher click-through rate!"

Nils Træholt

Director, Med24

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Pricing FAQ's

How does the pricing at Clerk scale?

  • We apply a tier based pricing model based on your usage of our services.
  • If your usage - over a three (3) months average - exceeds the usage limit of your current tier, then we may automatically upgrade your tier to an appropriate usage tier, or invoice you for the additional usage in accordance with the Terms of Service section F.

What is included in the price of tiers?

  • Usage in accordance with your chosen tier
  • Unlimited users on
  • Access to multiple features relating to your chosen service, on
  • Access to support
  • Access to a CSM agent

How is usage calculated?

  • Usage is based on API calls (Search, Recommendations and Recommendation emails), number of uploaded customers with an associated email (Audience), and number of sent emails (Auto email)
  • You can find information on usage calculation here: How Usage Is Measured | Knowledge Center.

How often is the pricing adjusted?

There are two types of pricing adjustments;

  • General pricing adjustments; may adjust pricing with prior notification.
  • Usage adjustments; If your usage exceeds your usage tier over a three (3) months period, we reserve the right to scale you to the appropriate tier going forward. Alternatively, we will invoice you for the additional usage in accordance with the Terms of Service section F. Terms of Service section F.
  • In any case, the adjustments will be implemented the following month.

Do I get a discount for a longer commitment?

  • Clerk does offer discounts for a longer commitment. 
  • If you are a customer at, then you can always contact your CSM.

Do I get onboarding for free?

  • offers two onboarding types as described here; Implementation
  • We do not charge a “one-off” implementation fee, instead we invoice you for the agreed usage tier from the date of signature.
  • Should you need additional assistance which is not included in our implementation packages (e.g. non-standard designs or additional domains), we charge a “ Workday” priced at 250€/500€ depending on the onboarding package (“ Workday” = up to 12 hours).

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