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Boraso and Clerk are two companies united by a common denominator: they offer the best possible solutions to companies, which allow them to increase conversions and turnover of their eCommerce stores.

About the partnership:

The new partnership signed between Boraso and Clerk aims to support their customers in the world of online commerce in an increasingly efficient and effective way.

In an incredibly competitive market, it is essential to take care of every single detail to avoid wasting resources and potential customers: this helps to build a one-to-one relationship with the customer and offers them a personalized experience at each touch point. 

The services offered by Clerk guarantee to help pursue this goal by increasing sales performance, customer conversion rates, average basket size, while reducing costs and maintenance to zero.

Who are the Boraso team?

The know-how of the Boraso team, which has always been oriented towards conversion marketing, is therefore enriched by the skills of a partner who has clear objectives that align with the Milanese agency: facilitating and improving the purchasing experience, increasing the average basket size and optimizing retention activities.

“We are very satisfied” - says Massimo Boraso, CEO and Founder of the company of the same name - “with this new partnership that we have signed with Clerk. Our first goal is to offer our customers a higher level of services and the exchange of skills with companies that share our values ​​is one of the ways we will achieve it.

Why a partnership?

The personalization and optimization of a customer’s online experience in an increasingly omnichannel market are essential activities for those who manage an eCommerce store and want to remain competitive. The collaboration with Clerk was born precisely from this awareness to ensure eCommerce stores are equipped with tools that can face challenges we have before us, and that we can accomplish within structured, data-driven strategies focused on conversion”.

Boraso has always stood out on the Italian scene for their approach linked to conversion marketing, creating digital strategies and paths that aim to increase turnover through a data-based approach and an exchange of know-how with its partners: an essential facet for laying the foundations solid to any growth path.

Clerk is the number one platform for customizing e-commerce sites. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence called ClerkCore, they power the personalization of stores around the world to increase sales through search, product recommendations, email marketing and audience. The solution is completely cookieless, without limitations and without compromising the online experience of consumers.

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