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Now, with the Christmas and Winter sales behind us - the next important date for your e-commerce diary is Valentine’s Day. And who doesn’t love a day all about love?

With the love fest being on the 14th February, you have to prepare in advance due to peak shopping days for this holiday being on the 12th and 13th. Moreover, a specific little piece of jewellery augments in traffic by over 100% this month - comparing it to the rest of the annual average month. So, if that isn’t a good indicator that this holiday is great for your business then I don’t know what is.

Put a ring on it

Here are a few little tips and tricks in order for you to prepare your e-commerce for consumers that have been hit by cupid's arrow.

Got gifts? Show them off

Go through products to identify items that make the most sense for someone to buy as a gift. Make your page related to the day of love so that your consumers subconscious gears up and visits your site in order to purchase something for their beloved.

Building a specific page to hold all that love is not a bad idea, you will be able to rank for that in google and be found easily, which at the end of the day would make your advertisement for the event cheaper and your sales more profitable.

Gift Guides Galore

Who doesn’t love a gift guide? Is your consumer completely stuck on what to buy their better half? No problem, you’ve got their backs on this.

Bundling gifts together is also a great way to get higher sales. An average of 30% is made through cross-sells as some consumers may fear that one little gift is not enough so give them the choice to choose more. Maybe those lavender smelling bath salts need to be accompanied by an aromatherapy candle and a bath pillow… who knows? But you decide.

Go through your product list with a fine eye and combine products you think will go hand-in-hand. Or save the time and get them done for you with our artificial intelligence engine

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Include Everybody

Valentine's day is not conservative anymore, you know the saying #loveislove cupid seems to have more than one arrow and his desire to see love has spread. So look for ways to craft messages for everybody, whether it be friendship being celebrated - people just love, love.

Whatever you’re selling this Valentine's day, make it a successful day for your e-commerce. The day means different things to different people so think of your audience through your product options and in addition to that, market your campaign so that it oozes love or maybe, try hit them with it…

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