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Conversion rates can be the make or break of an e-commerce store. A potential customer has clicked on your webpage, with the intention of just browsing, or they have seen an ad, clicked, but are now unsure they really want what they saw in the ad. 

Today’s customers are impatient and with so many stores vying for their intention, being able to actually convert these viewers into converting customers that come back again and again is crucial for online stores. 

Conversion rate, which measures the percentage of visitors to a webstore who then make a purchase, serves as a vital indicator of a shop's effectiveness. 

Clerk’s Search and Recommendations products have conversion rates at the forefront and have been proven to significantly increase conversion rates, with some stores experiencing conversion rates 4-5 times higher than the industry average. 

In this article, we'll explore several key features of Clerk’s tools that greatly contribute to this remarkable boost in conversion rates and ultimately increase your bottom-line.

1. Product alternatives: Why you should be using alternatives on the product page 

One of the primary entry points for potential customers on your website is the product page. Many of your visitors arrive here via search engines or ads, and are seeking specific items. 

However, not all visitors find exactly what they're looking for. That t-shirt they thought that wanted isn’t exactly right. Clerk’s AI addresses this issue by displaying the most closely related items directly on the product page to ensure these potential customers stay on your website and reduces bounce rate.

Clerk's AI leverages product and sales data to identify similar products, whether it's coffee, vitamins, gloves, or a t-shirt. By presenting these alternatives, Clerk eliminates the need for visitors to navigate through extensive categories to find what they want. 

This instant access to alternatives also significantly improves the likelihood of conversion, as it caters to visitors who may not be familiar with your store's navigation.

6 american football shoulder pads displayed on a website page with a white background and green accents.

2. Bestsellers in Category: Use the power of social proof to guide customer behavior and improve your bottom-line.

Category pages also serve as critical touchpoints for website visitors. These pages are often visited by potential customers who have a general idea of the product they want but haven't narrowed it down to a specific item. 

Taking our t-shirt example, they may know they want one, but they just aren’t sure which specific t-shirt they are after. Why not give them that extra push, with the power of social proof. Clerk's "Bestsellers in Category" feature proves to be highly effective in such scenarios.

This feature automatically highlights the best-selling products within each category, leveraging social proof to guide these potential customers' choices. It’s common knowledge that shoppers tend to rely on the choices of others when they are uncertain about their purchases. 

Clerk's Bestsellers in Category feature capitalizes on this behavior, increasing the likelihood of visitors seeing a popular product they find interesting and making a purchase decision.

6 american football shoulder pads next to each other horizontally on a white background with black writing and green CTA buttons

3. Search Ranking: AI-powered search helps to rank the products most likely to convert.

Clerk's search function is designed to enhance the conversion rates of e-commerce websites. How so? Well, it goes beyond merely displaying matching products when visitors search for them; it actually prioritizes presenting the products most likely to sell at any given moment. 

This dynamic ranking is made possible by Clerk's tracking of visitor behavior on your webshop, with our AI identifying what is selling, as well as what it thinks your customers are most interested in.

And, when new visitors arrive and search for products, Clerk's search function orders the results based on what is most likely to lead to a conversion. This is especially valuable for stores with extensive product catalogs, ensuring that visitors quickly find what they are looking for, click, and ultimately make a purchase.

A search bar on a website displaying mushroom coffee

How does Clerk’s search functionality further improve my conversion rates?

Instant search: 

The Instant Search dropdown predicts customer queries and provides real-time recommendations. This is crucial for capturing the attention of impatient online shoppers, offering a mix of product recommendations, search categories, and informative content. 

You can even add content recommendations, guiding your customers to related blog articles, especially if the product is something that customers tend to research about before purchasing.

The Search bar itself:

The search bar focuses on providing a seamless browsing experience for your customers, by displaying a pre-determined number of products at a time to optimize page load speed. This is especially important for users on their mobile phones who expect high loading speeds. You really don’t want to scare-off potential customers due to a large product catalogue that loads all at once.

Filters within the search function allow users to refine their searches quickly, enhancing the customer's ability to find their perfect product.

Search bar design and location:

In terms of design, we recommend a clear and highly visible search field for all devices. Visual elements required within search should include high-resolution images, correct product names, prices, potential discounts, and compelling calls to action. 

Also, ensure consistency in branding through color and font choices. This is essential in maintaining a cohesive look throughout your webstore.

The importance of analyzing and optimizing: 

While our AI adapts search results and recommendations based on your customers’ actions, it's essential for your business to actively learn from customer behavior. Both our Search and Recommendations products have Insights dashboards that a valuable understanding of your customers’ search patterns, thus allowing you to identify opportunities for improvement.

For example, consider adding synonyms for products that are consistently misspelled or searched for with vague terms, or try having continuous stock of highly sought-after products. And leverage the merchandising feature to boost the visibility of high-margin items to increase your bottom-line. 

Regularly checking these Insights dashboards and implementing these strategies can lead to continuous growth and improved conversion rates.

Conclusion: The benefits of Search and Recommendations

We’ve now run through the key ways our Search and Recommendations offer a comprehensive solution for e-commerce stores looking to boost their conversion rates. By combining features like alternatives products, category pages, and search ranking with an Instant Search dropdown, a filtered search bar, and a well-thought-out design, your business can make it completely effortless for your customers to find what they need and increase their chances of conversion.

To achieve sustained success in the competitive world of online retail, it's crucial to work smarter, not harder. Clerk can be the game-changer in your tech stack, helping you attract, convert, and retain customers effectively. 

And do you want to discover how to maximize your profitability? Them our webinar: "The 1-Click Customer Journey: Why every page must convert by itself," is the perfect tool. The webinar is available in Danish, English, and Italian, and you’ll learn how to leverage every click on your webstore for optimal revenue and bottom-line growth. Learn more about the webinar here.

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