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We've previously discussed the definition and benefits of e-commerce merchandising (e-merchandising) on our blog as well as Clerk's performance in G2's Spring 2021 Reports, where Clerk was ranked as the industry leader in the software category.

Since Clerk is an all-in-one personalization platform, Clerk Merchandising is a feature that lets you impact the products shown across Search, Recommendations, and Email. To be specific, Clerk's merchandising allows you to boost products on sale, prioritize products from a particular brand, hide out-of-stock products, and much more, enabling you to control what products are shown to customers on your site and in email campaigns.

Please note: Clerk Merchandising is a native feature that complements Clerk's other products, so it doesn't cost extra money as long as you are using Clerk's Search, Recommendations, or/and Email products 🤩.

Now, lets dive into 4 inspiring, practical use cases for growing sales and profits with merchandising:

Continue reading to find out exactly how to conduct effective merchandising campaigns in 2021💪.

Boost on sale items

It’s not uncommon that your webshop will run sales from time to time throughout the year. As a result, many DTC (direct to customer) brands use Clerk’s merchandising functionality to boost their products that are on sale 🚀.

One good example is from the Danish brand, Pilgrim. Pilgrim is a fashion jewelry design brand with both a physical and online international presence. As the figure below displays, when customers search for "necklace," Pilgrim gives a boost to sale items by highlighting them in the search results.

merchandise on-sale products

Clerk’s merchandising allows you to boost products that are currently on sale anywhere across your site, both in search results and in recommendation banners.

Promote specific brands

Initially, merchandising was used by retailers selling multiple brands to negotiate better deals with suppliers and vendors. Thus, if your webshop is an aggregation of different brands, having the ability to promote and market one particular brand over another across your website can be an appealing offer to vendor.

As the following example exhibits, you can promote a particular brand, namely Ganni here, by giving Ganni dresses a boost in the search results of "dress."

merchandising: promote one brand

Prioritize high-margin products

The benefit of prioritizing high-margin products is crystal clear 🔮: Your business can make more money by selling those!

Many e-commerce shops nowadays have massive catalogs. Clerk's merchandising feature makes it possible to make sure that high-margin products receive more exposure and views from customers across search and recommendations. The example below is from Executive Shaving, the largest UK online shaving store, and shows how Clerk's backend can be configured to give high-margin products more visibility in site search results.

merchandising: high-margin products

In doing so, Executive Shaving can provide the right mix of relevant products as well as those that can help them significantly increase profits.

Utilize cross-merchandising

Cross-merchandising is the practice of displaying products that compliment each other together, enticing customers to buy more by offering them interconnected product solutions. As a powerful strategy for driving sales, cross-merchandising can also improve CX (customer experience) by satisfying customer needs 🥰.

For instance, when your customer is viewing shirts, you can recommend pants (instead of more shirts) to complete the look and provide customers with a more human experience they might receive in a store, for example.

cross merchandising

Besides the four examples discussed above, you can also use Clerk merchandising to boost low-stock items in search and recommendations to clear out older styles. By doing so, you can achieve faster inventory turnover. Evidently, Clerk’s merchandising is a powerful feature that supports aligned marketing campaigns and has vast potential.

To get more inspiring ideas and real-life examples of how your online shop can use Clerk merchandising, check out our webinar co-hosted by Stefan, Head of Customer Success at, and Robert, Ecommerce Manager at Executive Shaving 👨‍💻.

Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more about how Clerk's award-winning merchandising services can help your business achieve higher sales and better profits.

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