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Clerk's Audience Segmentation and Email are powerful tools for growing e-commerce businesses. In our previous blog posts, we've talked about how to use Clerk Email to skyrocket sales and how to apply Clerk Audience Segmentation to grow your ideal customer base.

💡 But did you know that utilizing both Audience Segmentation and Email together can be an extremely powerful tool for your e-commerce business?!

In this post, we'll discuss why you should use audience segmentation and email marketing in combination and present two basic implementations that your webshop can start with:

Sounds exciting? Let’s dive right in 👉!

Combining audience segmentation with email marketing: Why do it?

Not every consumer has the same purchase journey and shopping habits 👀!

Traditionally, the first generation of segmentation was based on demographic data, geography, and time zones. But this first generation of segmentation can't figure out:

  • Your customer’s product and brand preference.
  • The average order value of the customer.
  • Device preference for browsing and purchasing.
  • Timing and the device in which your customers usually transact.

However, these are key data points that need to be identified in order to provide a personalized shopping experience. Achieving the next generation of AI-driven and behavioral-based audience segmentation, Clerk Audience utilizes customers’ behavioral data and makes it possible to segment customers based on the data points mentioned above, for example, which traditional segmentation can't. Through understanding these advanced data points, your webshop can give your customers precisely what they want 🥳.

Still in doubt? Let’s have a look at what the stats show...

A recent study by Mailchimp found out that segmented email campaigns receive a 14.31% higher open rate and a 100.95% higher CTR (click-through rate) than non-segmented email campaigns 📧.

Another analysis by Appboy looked at 10 billion marketing messages and found campaigns sent to well-defined customer segments resulted in a 200% increase in conversions compared to the performance of generalized campaigns 🛍. Moreover, segmented email campaigns can drive a 760% increase in revenue, compared to non-segmented campaigns.

However, 76% of businesses unfortunately still do NOT use behavioral segmentation 😱. So, if you start using behavioral segmentation in your email marketing campaigns, your e-commerce business can most likely get a head start on your competition and achieve significant growth 🏆.

Email Segmentation Data & Facts

Increasing sales: Find customers for cross-selling

One effective (but often neglected) way to bring your customers back to your webshop is to present them with products that match what they have previously purchased 👖👉👕. Think "complete the look" or "round out your beauty routine" type of content.

As a sales tactic, cross-selling generates sales by suggesting additional or complementary items to a buyer who has already shown buying interests and is committed to making a purchase.

As the following example displays, by targeting customers who’ve previously purchased Drunk Elephant face lotion, you can create cross-sell email campaigns that recommend a complimentary face serum.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 15.37.19

To get a step-by-step guide for setting up a cross-sell email campaign in Clerk’s backend, check our video tutorial 🤲.

Improving deliverability & reducing unsubscribes: Target customers by their interests

Another powerful way to use Clerk's Audience Segmentation and Email features in combination is to find customers who've shown interest in a specific product, brand, or category and sending them marketing emails with highly personalized recommendations.

Instead of blindly guessing what products would be relevant to your customers, Clerk's AI-driven algorithm can backtrack their interests and find products related to what they've previously purchased, searched for, or engaged with on your webshop.

As the example below exhibits, you can send a campaign about the new Barbour × ALEXACHUNG collection only to customers who've previously shown interest in the brand Barbour.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 15.04.09

In doing so, you can build trust with customers by only sending them content they are actually interested in, increasing your CTR, and reducing the unsubscribe rate. Ultimately, catering to customers' interests can easily improve their engagement and drive more sales.

To guide you step by step, we've also prepared a video tutorial.

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