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Black Friday and Christmas don’t have to be the only time that sales peak and you get a nice rush of orders. Small gift-days, too, can generate a bump in orders. Whether it’s Father’s day, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day or any other small gift-giving day, there are many customers looking for presents. The trick is getting them to come to your webshop to make their purchases.

Landing customers

You can encourage visitors to come to your webshop by creating special landing pages that can be searched for and found on search engines. A landing page can also be customised with a special theme related to the holiday, whether its Valentine’s, Mothers’ or Fathers’ day. If you’re using an email campaign for the event, you can make a landing page that mirrors the same design for continuity in your customers’ shopping journey.

But offer substance as well as style

Include product recommendations by tagging items in your catalogue for the event. This way, when showing trending or best-selling items in recommendation banners, only the items specific to this campaign will show. This isn’t just a cool feature of good recommendation banners, it also inspires your customers to pick out presents by seeing what other people were interested in.

Since you have tagged items specific to the campaign, it can also be worthwhile to set up a temporary page that contains everything you offer in the ways of presents for fathers, mothers, or significant others. And remember, these days can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people so you can also consider subcategories such as “For grand-dads” “For father-in-laws” “For step-fathers” for Fathers day, as well as the main heading.

These sorts of holiday present buying events are also a great time for you make use of check-out offers.

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Candy-aisle purchases

All of these holidays often mean the purchasing of novelty items and sometimes impulse buying. Use this knowledge to promote smaller, low-cost items when customers are at the check-out. The same way that you can choose to only include tagged items, you can also set a price-point to make this selection of products especially appealing to the pursestrings!

If you’re looking for a way to automate your seasonal newsletters, check out the video from’s very own Head of Customer Success, Stefan to see how you can set, forget and reap the rewards of your campaigns.

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