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Customer Story Marinor

The Facts

  • 38.6% is the average open rate of automated emails delivered by Clerk
  • 58,646 emails were automatically delivered via Clerk
  • Kr 1,331,305 revenue was generated by Clerk's email recommendations
  • 75% of orders impacted by Clerk
  • 41% of total revenue came from orders and products sold via Clerk
  • 40% growth in active customers after using Clerk to run targeted campaigns
  • 1.46x higher likelihood of customers converting after interacting with Clerk

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With over 3 decades’ experience in the industry, Marinor has gained a big and diverse group of customers in Norway. However, every customer is different and unique, as they have their own needs, preferences, and buying patterns. So when the brand had so many customers, it became an impossible task for the brand to target each customer and cater to their personal needs. 😵

Marinor also faced another challenge: It took them a long time to manually design the marketing emails and edit all the pictures. All in all, the brand was searching for an advanced tool that could not only automate the email production process but also personalize the email content to each customer.


Sending more personalized emails: Higher open rates & more sales

After utilizing Clerk to automate and personalize email marketing, Marinor has seen significant improvements in their emails’ open rates and conversion rates. In particular, their customers are interacting more and more with them through emails. Increased customer engagement also means more sales to Marinor. Because after using Clerk to send personalized emails, the brand is now able to cater to different customers' needs as well as adapt to different seasons.

As the example below presents, when the winter arrived, Marinor used Clerk to send personalized emails to all customers, showing the popular seasonal product and some personalized product recommendations.


Thanks to the hyper-relevance of these campaigns, the average open rate of Marinor’s marketing emails is 38.6%. In some cases, the brand also managed to sell customers additional products, the ones that were not listed in the campaign. This is simply because more traffic was driven into the e-commerce store, which created opportunities for shoppers to discover more products they're interested in buying. By using Clerk to automatically send 58,646 emails, Marinor generated kr 1,331,305 in revenue.

Minimizing manual work and saving time & money with email automation

Previously, the team at Marinor was spending a lot of time and energy on designing the emails, as there was a ton of manual work involved, such as writing copy, editing pictures, handpicking products, creating recipient lists, and so on. Besides being time-consuming, this long manual process was also prone to human errors.

All these issues were solved after the brand implemented Clerk’s Email Automation tools. For instance, Clerk provides the team at Marinor with many ready-to-use, customizable templates, and they can simply do drag and drop to create new emails in the design editor. Today, Marinor successfully minimized manual work by letting Clerk's AI-powered automation take over.

“We are really satisfied with the automation because it saves us a lot of time… Clerk’s email automation tool is a valuable asset for us, and we strongly recommend it.”

- Amanda Samuelsen, Market Coordinator at Marinor AS

Monitoring and improving email marketing with real-time analytics

In an effort to make more data-driven business strategies and decisions, Marinor uses Clerk’s dashboards to monitor and measure all their email marketing campaigns. Clerk's AI-powered system conducts analytics automatically and synchronously. So now, Marinor has a complete overview of revenue attribution and impact statistics across different email services and logics. Based on these real-time analytics and insights, the brand can easily tailor and optimize their email marketing strategies.

Here’s an example of how Marinor can use Clerk's dashboards to check performance statistics of their email campaigns, such as open rates, click rates, and conversions.


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