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It’s a new day today and you know what that means? A new trend! This one comes from across the pond (you know, as most do) and it was created to boost mid-December’s low sales.

You guessed it—or maybe not—Free Shipping Day!

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Free Shipping is a very modern-day made up US holiday in mid-December (14th this year) where thousands of online stores offer free shipping and promise delivery before Christmas. Crazy, I know!

It’s been going strong since it began in 2008 and it’s still growing. The first-ever Free Shipping Day earned $764 million in online sales and that has exponentially increased over the last 10 years. It even beats Black Friday in total turnover. In 2011, Free Shipping Day exceeded $1 billion in online sales.

Shoutout to the procrastinators out there!

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Would you do it?

For those outside of the US, this concept might sound foreign but the reason I bring it to your attention is that it’s such a brilliant way to push sales right before the holidays to close the year with a bang.

As the idea has developed and expanded over the years, participating merchants offer late-in-the-season discounts as well as free shipping. And shoppers love it!

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The day offers those last minute Christmas shoppers the opportunity to find good bargains and avoid high shipping fees for on-time-for-Christmas deliveries. A recent study found that 88% of shoppers prefer free shipping over a speedy delivery time.  

The benefits of this holiday are limitless. Not only does it foster a strong relationship with your customers but it draws in new customers and increases loyalty to your business. It’s no wonder hundreds of online retailers participate every year.

That, plus a personalized shopping journey and shoppers are sure to be returning to your webshop.

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