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As Christmas approaches, G2’s Winter 2022 reports have just been published, and Clerk is super proud of the results 🥳. In total, Clerk has received 14 awards: 5 Leader badges, 3 Momentum Leader badges, 4 High Performer badges, 1 Fast Implementation badge, and 1 Users Love Us badge 🏆🥇🏅🎖 Here’re some selected ones:

G2 winter 2022

These awards mean a lot to us! This is not only a recognition from G2, the world's leading business software review platform, but also direct recognition from many of our customers. Because G2 represents the democratic voice of real software users, and their reports are based on thousands of verified reviews and data from actual users.

Number 1 in E-Merchandising

E-merchandising, or e-commerce merchandising, is the process of choosing the right product or service in the right placement with the right content in a way to increase sales. In the same way that brick-and-mortar businesses strategically display products, e-merchandising software works to strategically display products on a website to best promote them to buyers (who will, hopefully, become repeat customers) 🛍

Successful e-merchandising can improve customer engagement, lower site or shopping cart abandonment, and more significantly, increase customer conversions and sales🔥🚀

As the table below presents, Clerk outshines its competitors, ranking number one in G2’s winter 2022 Momentum Grid® Report for E-Merchandising 🏆🥇

G2 emerchandising report

Want to learn more about how to use Clerk’s e-commerce merchandising products to take full control of your customer's shopping experience? Check out this insightful webinar and its support article right here 📹 📖

Clerk Continues to Be an Industry Leader

As mentioned above, Clerk has been named as 5 category leaders 😎🚀 These 5 categories are respectively E-Commerce Personalization, E-Merchandising, Enterprise Search Software, Small-Business E-Merchandising, and Europe E-Commerce Personalization.

In each category, leaders are identified based on high levels of customer satisfaction and having a large market presence:

  • 100% of users rated Clerk 4 or 5 stars (Clerk is rated 4.8 out of 5)
  • 96% of users would be likely to recommend Clerk
  • 98% of users applauded for Clerk’s high quality of support

G2 winter 2022 index

We cannot be more grateful and prouder of these achievements 🤩🙏. But, of course, we cannot accomplish these without our successful & industry-leading products, excellent employees, their hard work, and great cooperation with thousands of our customers 🙌.

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