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Merchandising plays a vital role in influencing consumers’ buying decisions. According to market research conducted by scientists at San Diego State University, even the slightest merchandising taboos convey a message to the shopper that this product or brand is undesirable.

Like in-store retailing, merchandising is of great significance in growing sales and improving profits for e-commerce shops. So in this post, we'll cover:

  1. What is merchandising?
  2. What are the benefits of merchandising?
  3. Why should you choose Clerk’s merchandising?

Let's get started.

What is merchandising?

Generally speaking, merchandising is the promotion of the sale of products that can employ pricing, special offers, display, and other techniques designed to influence consumers' final buying decisions.

In the e-commerce landscape, e-merchandising (or e-commerce merchandising) refers to the process of choosing and presenting the right product at the right time, in the right place and quantity, as well as at the right price with the right content to maximize sales💰. It's essentially translating an in-store shopping experience online by strategically displaying certain products on a website to best promote them to consumers.

As the following chart presents, Clerk's merchandising is a powerful partner to other products, such as search, recommendations, and email. While Clerk's other products are thoroughly rooted in AI-driven automation, merchandising allows e-commerce owners to have control over which results should be presented to their customers.

E-Merchandising & Personalization Tips

What are the benefits?

Since merchandising is all about contributing to selling, the ultimate benefit of using merchandising is to maximize your business's sales and profits.

Besides, successful merchandising can help create a seamless shopping experience for customers, significantly improving their CX (customer experience) and effectively guiding them to the final purchase completion.

Benefits of merchandising

Why should you choose Clerk’s merchandising?

Clerk’s merchandising functionalities have 3 unique and compelling strengths:

  1. Because Clerk is an all-in-one personalization platform, all of your products in Clerk's system consist of attributes, and any of these attributes can be used in merchandising.
  2. In line with the first strength, Clerk's merchandising allows for a high level of granularity. With Clerk, you can tailor the presentation of targeted products in all searches, categories, recommendations, or specific banners on the home page.
  3. Clerk’s merchandising is super easy to implement. As a user-friendly service, it requires no coding.

These unique strengths make Clerk the industry leader in e-merchandising🥇!

Need some proof?

Clerk was recently voted as a leader amongst merchandising software, according to G2's newly released Spring 2021 Reports.

As shown in the following chart, Clerk achieved the No.1 ranking in G2’s Spring 2021 Relationship Index for E-Merchandising 🏆, receiving the highest score of 8.84. In this report, G2 calculates the Relationship Index using its proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of relationship-related review questions such as quality of support, ease of doing business, likelihood to recommend, and more.

G2 reports E-Merchandising-1

Clerk was also ranked #1 in Fastest Implementation for E-merchandising, with most users being able to implement Clerk and go live in under 1 month. As displayed below, our quick and easy implementation process ensured a smooth integration experience for Tanya’s business 🙌. Just like Tanya, Clerk can help you implement merchandising on your site to improve customer engagement, reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversions 🛒!

G2 review on clerk

To offer our insights and guidance, we've also prepared a step-by-step support article and a webinar that explain how to use merchandising in great detail.

Next time, we’ll move on to present some inspiring use cases, illuminating what you could do and achieve with Clerk’s merchandising.

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