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Growing your e-commerce business is hard, we get it. Nonetheless, if you know where to look, then with just a few tweaks it can mean at least a 50% lift in your sales.

Sometimes you feel like you may be changing the wrong things, which could mean the opposite effect of what you’re wanting to achieve and no business wants that. It can be avoided, trust me.

So here are a few details about important optimisations for your e-commerce business which will, in turn, equal more consumers for you - juuuhuuuu!

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No, not the type of engagement you’re thinking of. We’re talking about things like; improving your product pages in order to gain more engagement from your potential consumers. Make your pages convincing, consumers are suckers for a page that draws them in.

The easier your site is to navigate, the more a consumer will be drawn in. Give your product pages catchy, SEO friendly titles so that whatever product is being searched for can easily be found.

Images are key. Especially being e-commerce, you have to make your consumer feel like they know how the product really looks like. Make them trust through visualisation.

Make it personal

Your site has to make your consumers feel like it knows them. Not in the weird, stalker-ish vibe you may be thinking about. But relevancy makes your consumer gravitate to the products you are selling. With an amount of 68% of e-commerce revenue coming from recommendations of products, there is a lot to be gained for your business.

To take this step is quite easily doable, based on the data you already have from web and social analytics you could increase your profits by some 15%.

Check out Recommendations

Don’t let that cart get away

Although it is a perfectly normal issue of cart abandonment, it is still one of the biggest obstacles for your e-commerce. 69% to be exact, is the proportion of consumers abandoning their cart that they so wanted. So, we want to reduce it.

Cart Abandonment

One thing that consumers don’t like when online shopping is being surprised so cut it out! When a potential consumer arrives at check out, surprise surprise, there’s a shipping cost of “x” amount that just doesn’t cut it for them. Give them an incentive to make that purchase final by offering free shipping for a limited time.

Sometimes, a product won’t be up to a consumers' standards so give them an easy option to keep them coming back by giving them hassle-free, friendly returns.

Another idea is to send recommendations with your abandoned cart emails, showing them other options that might convince them more, potentially being the last push they need to buy; let’s say recommendation based on their search story and alternative to the item they initially intended to purchase.

Payment time!

Offering multiple payment options is always a good way to optimise on your sales. There is nothing worse than when a consumer is so excited to buy a product from your site, they arrive at the payment and unfortunately, their card gets rejected by your system. Ouch! That means no sale for you and no treat for your consumer.

At the end of the day, whatever strategies you implement into your e-commerce, just be aware and monitor what is going on around you. Consumers are easily distracted and can divert to your competitors so being alert with your marketing campaigns can easily reel them back.

So now you know how to handle e-commerce optimisation. Go give it a go but if you need any help, check out for that little extra boost of help everyone needs once in a while!

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