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With email turning 50 years old, email marketing is also celebrating its 43rd birthday this year 🥳. Back in 1978, Gary Thuerk sent out the very first mass email campaign to almost 400 business prospects. It’s reported that this campaign, with only 400 emails sent, generated around $13 million in sales, presenting an attractive ROI (return in investment).

Previously, we had a look at the 13 exciting stats of email marketing in 2021. Today, we’ll uncover the top 3 email marketing strategies whose effectiveness has been statistically proven:

Honestly, tons of studies and data have shown how effective email personalization, automation, and segmentation can be. Here are some of the latest available stats for your business to consider in 2021💡.

Infographic: An Overview of the Top 3 Email Marketing Strategies

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Email Personalization Stats

We all know that the personalization strategy works wonders for email marketing 🙌. Experian Marketing Services study found out that personalized emails generate 6x higher transaction rates and revenue.

Why does email personalization work so well? Because consumers LOVE it 🥰!

Compared to emails with non-personalized subject lines, consumers open emails with personalized subject lines at a 50% higher rate. Generally speaking, personalized emails can improve CTR (click-through rates) by an average of 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Still unsure? Let’s hear what other businesses and marketers say about email personalization...

96% of organizations firmly believe that personalization can improve email marketing performance. Besides, 74% of marketers claimed that personalization increases their overall customer engagement rates.

Email Automation Stats

Personalization does wonders, but can you improve your email marketing even further?

Yes, combining personalization with email marketing automation creates miracles!

Companies that send automated emails are 133% more likely to send relevant messages that correspond with customers' shopping cycles 🛍.

Email automation allows you to not only save time but also improve accuracy in matching customers' needs. As an appealing result, automated emails see a 70.5% increase in open rates and a 152% rise in CTRs compared to generic emails.

Moreover, DMA found out that automated email campaigns drive 21% of the overall marketing revenue.

Email Segmentation Stats

Email segmentation is often believed to be the next level of email personalization. On the one hand, the top 10 email marketing companies claimed that segmentation seems to be the most effective tactic for personalizing emails, beating all other strategies. On the other hand, 51% of marketers state segmenting email lists is one of their most effective personalization strategies.

That sounds pretty interesting. But… how effective is email segmentation?

According to Mailchimp's recent study, segmented email campaigns perform 100.95% higher CTRs and 14.31% higher open rates than non-segmented email campaigns. These stats demonstrate that using targeted segmentation guarantees considerably better email open and click rates, ultimately driving more revenue.

Campaign Monitor discovers that marketers who adopted segmentation strategy in campaigns enjoyed a 760% boost in revenue 🚀.

As marketers often say, email marketing work more utterly and effectively by taking an integrated approach. So, it would be pretty amazing if there’s one platform that can allow you to implement all these three magical strategies, right?!

There is one, and it's called!’s all-in-one email engine allows your business to achieve email personalization, automation, and segmentation helping brands save time and sell more. With’s cutting-edge innovations, gone are the days when your email marketing was manually demanding and poorly converting 💰.

If you want to hear more about how we can help you to work some email magic, reach out and talk to one of our experts today👨‍💻

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