Toys and Games

It’s never been more fun to play with personalization.

We all love playing games: whether it’s a card game, board game, or children’s toy, it’s fun to unleash your inner child. So, make your webstore as fun and playful as the toys you sell with hyper-personalized search, recommendations, and email marketing that’ll have your customers filling up their baskets. Clerk’s personalization software ensures you’re always displaying the right products for your customers to maximize your conversion rate. Automatically Grow Sales.

Toys and Games beat our previous vendor by 143% in additional revenue.
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Guaranteed to grow your sales automatically analyzes behavior, trends, and transactions to present powerful real-time search results, recommendations, content, and insights.

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order value
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to convert
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E-commerce automation and personalization. Simplified.

Take your webstore to the next level with Clerk.

Toys and Games

Don’t let your customers search through a treasure trove for their most wanted products.

The toys and games industry consists of a large variety of products: we’re talking board games, computer games, and children’s toys. And just think of all the subcategories. When your webstore has such an extensive product catalog, you must ensure your customers can search for their desired products. Optimize your webstore to be service-minded and always display in-stock and in-demand products for your customers with Clerk’s intelligent search to watch your sales grow.

Toys and Games

Guide your customers on an adventure-filled buyer journey.

The competition is hot for toys and games, and the industry is highly cutthroat: so is your webstore working for you? Keep customers on your product pages and reduce bounce rate through Clerk’s recommendations tool. Suggest relevant alternatives, popular products, matching accessories, and much more to further guide customers in their buying journey and ensure brand loyalty. Our Smart Recommendations can also suggest toys for the right age group, so you’re not displaying toddler toys to parents of older children.

Toys and Games

Take advantage of seasonal and high-traffic periods of the year.

Demand for toys and games is highly seasonal, with spikes seen during the holidays and Black Friday, as well as toys and games suitable for different periods in the year. Create a seamless shopping experience during these high-traffic periods by displaying the right products for your customers with relevant recommendations. And not only that but if your webstore produces blog content for different seasons and holidays, utilize dynamic product recommendations on blog posts to drive traffic from your blog to product pages.

The Clerk Products

Powerful solutions to propel your business.


With so many products, increase your sales with optimized site search so your customers can always find the right products. Clerk’s Search tool displays results after only two keystrokes and recognizes a product’s description. This helps increase your search range and show relevant products, even when customers aren’t specific about what they want. So, whether they are searching for a board game, costumes, or studded toys, our intelligent search will show available and best-selling products.

Typo tolerance and synonym detection

Promote high-profit margin products through Merchandising

Our AI can detect entire product descriptions and display relevant products


Keep your customers in the buying process by making it easy to find what they want, even if they aren’t entirely sure what they’re after. Our AI-based Recommendations solution helps to create a hyper-personalized shopping experience that automatically generates the perfect products for your customers on every page. And as customers tend to do their research, especially around the Holidays, promote your products on your blog to guide them further into your webstore.

Suggest alternatives, best-sellers, and many more

Drive traffic from blogs to product pages

Create hyper-relevance with specific and seasonal recommendations


Do you have a customer newsletter or loyalty club? Clerk’s Email can help you boost your email marketing efforts by sending relevant, personalized emails at the right moment to help trigger a purchase. For example, send emails about new and expensive products around payday rather than midway through the pay cycle, or reminder emails around the Holidays or Black Friday. And if a customer has previously looked at a product, send reminder emails or discount codes to encourage a purchase.

Completely automated email campaigns

Targeted emails based on interests and customer type

Fully customizable recommendation logics with rules and filters


Find the right people for the right products, especially for toys and games targeted at different age groups. Our AI finds similar shoppers to your current customers and removes the guessing work about their behavior. You can segment by product, order history, and many other areas, so you’ll quickly find customers interested in card games, toy cars, or puzzles. And the best part? Our Audience feature is completely cookieless.

Segment customers by product interest, behaviors, and orders

Integrate with ad platforms like Facebook and Google for further reach

Use customer analytics to guide your decision-making

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Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value

What our 

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Clerk gives me high-quality data on how to make decisions, how to drive our development, what works and what doesn't work. It's easy to use and good for us in many ways!

Ilkka Apunen, Global E-Commerce Manager



We get direct feedback from customers. Clerk’s search feature is a key tool for us to create future blog posts. It gives us all the inputs of what customers are searching for.

David Dick, Marketing Leader

I Am Creative


We’re really satisfied with the automation because it saves us a lot of time… Clerk’s email automation tool is a valuable asset for us, and we strongly recommend it.

Amanda Samuelsen, Market Coordinator



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