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Key Stats

  • 32% growth in average basket size
  • 11% extra revenue added from products sold by Clerk
  • 22% increase in average order value
  • 42.4% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
  • 11.2x higher probability that customers convert after using site search
  • 3.24 more products sold after customers interact with Clerk’s recommendations
  • 9.25x increase in conversion rates
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Having a focus on content marketing, I AM CREATIVE invests a lot of time and energy in running its blog and creating content. Like many e-tailors, the brand was eager to harness the potential of this content marketing effort. The I AM CREATIVE team considered manually updating the products mentioned in the blog content onto the webpage. However, it was a time-consuming task to select relevant products and constantly monitor their inventory. With Clerk’s Content Recommendations tool today, this task is completed automatically by machine learning and AI technologies.

Another major challenge faced by I AM CREATIVE was managing and organizing 10,000+ products on their website. Although a massive catalog could offer customers a wide range of products to choose from, it was challenging for customers to navigate and find the item they were looking for. Therefore, the brand turned to Clerk for an efficient site search solution that can enable customers to find products with relevance and speed.


Boost conversions & gain valuable insights with intelligent search

“Clerk Search has been the most beneficial tool in solving our challenges,” says David Dick, the Marketing Leader at I AM CREATIVE.

I AM CREATIVE enhanced the search functionality on its e-commerce site using Clerk, which makes it easy for its customers to find what they are looking for. Their customers love using the search bar on their website because it is much faster and more intuitive than category navigation. Within a short space of time, the brand was able to see a positive impact Clerk made on its conversion rates: The likelihood of customers converting increased 11.2x after they used the site search powered by Clerk.

But the benefits don’t end there. By delivering real-time search analytics, Clerk Search provides valuable insights for different departments at I AM CREATIVE. For instance, their marketing team harvests the power of search analytics, leveraging data on the Most Popular Searches to plan their next blog content:

I am creative search

“We get direct feedback from customers. Clerk’s search feature is a key tool for us to create future blog posts. It gives us all the inputs of what customers are searching for.”

David Dick, Marketing Leader at I AM CREATIVE

Turn your blog into a profit center with product recommendations

After I AM CREATIVE used Clerk’s search analytics to make a data-driven content plan and create exciting blog posts, Clerk's Content Recommendations tool takes care of the next task, automatically generating relevant shoppable products mentioned in the blog content.

“Now with Clerk, we can simply type in keywords instead of manually adding products to our blog posts," says David.

Here's what I AM CREATIVE's product recommendation banner looks like while a customer browses and reads a blog post:

I am creative Blog recs

By automatically adding relevant product recommendations to content pages, I AM CREATIVE provides customers with an easier way to discover and shop the products they were just reading about. As a result, those who use recommendations buy almost 3.24 more products per order on average and are 9.9x more likely to convert than those who do not.

Maximize seasonal sales and revenue

As a retail business of handicraft and DIY materials, I AM CREATIVE has a strong seasonal component and sees a significant portion of its sales generated during certain periods of time. For instance, during holidays like Christmas and Easter, handicrafts are often bought as presents for children. To help I AM CREATIVE keep up with their customers' changing purchase intentions, Clerk's product recommendation engine can instantly adapt and automatically change recommendations based on new seasons and trends, and thus, ensure the most relevant products are always displayed on I AM CREATIVE’s website:

I am creative  Season Recs

After using Clerk to always display the most relevant and personalized product recommendations across its e-commerce site, I AM CREATIVE saw a 32% increase in basket sizes and a 22% increase in average order value.


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