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When customers come to your webshop, they’re already on their way to converting. It’s unlikely they got there by accident so we can pretty safely assume that they either came because they know and love your brand and what to check out what’s new; or, they were looking for something in a search engine and your page popped up as a good outlet. Either way, they’ve landed on your page because YOU interest them in some way.

So how do you seal the deal?

Converting browsers into paying customers is all down to showing the right product at the right time. But how do you know what the right product is?

No two people are exactly alike, there’s no denying it, but trends are trends because we often have at least something in common with others.

If you were to know that 87% of your customers want the same thing, how would that change the way you display your products?

Well, consider this carefully, because they do! Research across webshops that use our Search function shows just that. That means highlighting your best-selling and trending items will entice anywhere in the area of 87% of your visitors.

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What about the other 13%?

The double positive with showing your most popular items first is, that even if customers don’t want that particular thing, it still gives a good sense of what your webshop sells and is about to new visitors.

After that, any customers who are looking for something a little less conventional can use your search function and benefit from personalised recommendations that cater more to their individual tastes.

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Maximising the potential of your Search and Recommendation functions

The first page customers visit when they visit your webshop is like your store’s front window, so it is important to use it to draw customers in. Of course, unlike most physical stores, every page in your webshop can serve as the first point of entry for visitors. This is why we suggest displaying best-selling items in more than place on your webshop, to make sure they’re seen. You can do this by strategically placing banners throughout your site, changing the theme of the selection depending on where they are placed (if you want to read more about placement and choice of recommendation banners, check out our guide!).

When customers want to search out something else, it’s also very important to make their journey as accommodating as possible. Even the 13% of visitors who do not want to buy a bestseller are unlikely to want to scroll through pages upon pages of results. Help them out with a drop-down menu in the search bar, placing the most relevant items related to their keywords on top. Even add pictures and a direct add-to-basket button to make the purchase process as simple as possible.

87% is a big section of visitors to your site, so use this tip to make sure you can convert as many of them as possible! And good luck, we look forward to hearing your success stories.

And if you don't want to wait any longer, don't worry you can always try and experience what we are talking about.

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