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Feeling like the wave of AI (artificial intelligence) is taking over the world?

Well… it really is! The global AI market is projected to reach $ 327.5 billion this year. Thanks to the developments of big data and machine learning technologies, the age of AI has arrived, and (almost) every industry is adopting AI solutions with open arms.

Since the e-commerce industry is natively digital, it was an early AI adopter. Now, AI is driving even more profound transformations in e-commerce, reshaping its future. Gartner’s 2018 survey showed that AI would be used by at least 60% of digital commerce organizations by 2020.

Differing from other conventional AI solutions, ClerkCore™ is our proprietary AI & personalization technology with an algorithm specifically designed and tailored to the needs of the modern e-commerce store. Supported by ClerkCore™, Clerk helped 3,000+ e-commerce stores achieve their business growth goals over the past decade.

Why are these winning online retailers crazy about Clerk’s AI solutions? Because there's a long list of benefits that you cannot resist!

Top Benefits of Using Clerk’s Industry-Leading AI in E-Commerce

Have a look at these two stats first:

With Clerk, you can achieve these two goals with ease. 🤩 As the world’s #1 rated e-commerce personalization platform, Clerk offers industry-leading AI solutions that enable you to improve customer experience and streamline customers’ entire shopping journey. Yet, the benefits don’t just stop here 👇

Clerk AI benefits

3 Use Cases of Clerk AI in E-Commerce

1. Next-gen behavioral segmentation: AI-powered churn prevention

Customer churn gives every e-commerce business owner a huge headache. And if it is left unchecked and unresolved, over time, these lost customers can lead to critical penalties in profits and revenue 😣. But don’t worry, Clerk has got you covered.

With Clerk’s AI-powered customer segmentation and predictive analytics, you can quickly identify which customers are slipping away and likely to churn by analyzing their recent behaviors and activities. Furthermore, Clerk helps you automate the whole process🤖. As presented in the example below, once our AI identifies those customers who’re likely to slip away, Clerk will target and re-engage them with special offers and discount promotions.

slip away customers

2. Data-driven personalized recommendations

Wondering what your webshop visitors are interested in buying and what they are most likely to buy next? 🧐

Rather than relying on your own subjective guessing, you can leverage Clerk to automatically generate data-driven personalized product recommendations. How to do so?

Clerk’s AI-powered personalization engine can instantly recommend relevant products to each visitor, based on a number of behavioral data points (visitor's browsing history, click history, search history, order history, etc.) as well as product data points (best sellers, trending, best-cross sell products, etc.).

Here’s an example of how Munk Store uses Clerk to display personalized cross-selling products in a customer’s shopping cart. Doing so encourages the customer to continue exploring more items before completing their purchase.

Customer Story Munk Store-1

Not only will Clerk’s personalized recommendations improve CX, but it also helps you increase basket size and drive more sales.

3. Predictive AI campaigns: A breakthrough in email marketing automation

Do you want to send more high-converting emails with less effort?

Removing the time-consuming and inaccurate human element in email flows, Clerk’s AI-enabled campaign tool works its magic through behavior-based predictions and an advanced level of automation. Also, it is the world's FIRST fully predictive email marketing tool 🥇. Through analyzing thousands of data points, Clerk AI predicts what, when and who to send your next campaign to.

Below is a success story from one of our customers:


After 8 days, our AI-driven email campaigns generated 236,177kr in extra revenue for the customer 😍 And the best part is that these campaigns require zero upkeep after they have been set up, which means more free time for you!

Curious about how Clerk’s AI solutions can help you achieve effective business growth? Talk to one of our e-commerce experts today.

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