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Buffetti company bio

Key Stats

  • 89% of orders contain at least one product found through Clerk
  • 80% of Buffetti's B2B webshop revenue impacted by Clerk
  • 77% of Buffettii's B2C webshop revenue impacted by Clerk
  • 32.1% of webshop visitors use Search while shopping
  • 86.3% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
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Before using Clerk, Buffetti was in critical need of a well-functioning search engine solution to improve the performance of their B2B shop. The brand tried to implement other tools but found them complicated and hard to use due the large amount of categorization and customization required. So, after a few unsuccessful attempts, Buffetti decided to give Clerk a try 😉. At first, they were attracted by Clerk’s ease of integration. The fact that Clerk could be integrated within a few days was perfect as Buffetti needed their search engine to go live instantly without the need for excessive manual labor 👷.

And, Buffetti was looking for a tool that would allow their customers to bypass the daunting navigation through their product categories. These were quite detailed and complex due to the brand's large product catalog, so they needed a solution to improve their webshop navigation and search experiences 🤗.


Improving search experience while limiting time-consuming manual work

Previously, the Buffetti team used a traditional search tool, spending a lot of time and energy manually matching the possible search queries with products 😩. After switching to Clerk, Clerk’s AI technologies were able to take over and remove these time-consuming tasks. Today, Clerk’s intelligent search engine can automatically recognize customer search intent and context, always presenting the most relevant products. As a result, 86.3% of Buffetti’s customers now buy products via the internal site search functions powered by Clerk 😍.

More than 32% of Buffetti's customers use the site search function while shopping their webshop. Buffetti utilizes Clerk to improve their customers’ search experience, not only making it easier for customers to find relevant products but also suggesting relevant categories related to their search queries. Also, Clerk’s Instant Search feature further optimized the search experience by reducing the time it took for customers to get relevant search results. As presented in the example below, after a customer typed in only two keystrokes in the search box on Buffetti's website, Clerk Search can instantly show them the perfect search results ⚡:

Instant search-1

Making data-driven decisions with real-time analytics and user-friendly dashboards

Buffetti is now able to make data-driven business decisions by using detailed search reports and real-time statistical analysis provided by Clerk 📊📈. With user-friendly dashboards and clearly-presented results, they can:

1) better understand their customers' search behaviors across different products and brands;

2) identify the products that are missing on the site;

3) detect the products that aren't correctly cataloged.

Here is an example of how Buffetti can see non-converting and no-result search details via the search dashboard and how they can take immediate actions by simply clicking "Add Products" or "Add Synonym" buttons:


Boosting ROI and sales with AI-powered product recommendations

While an intelligent internal search engine serves as a way for Buffetti’s customers to find what they want, smart product recommendations can help customers discover more interesting products. This helps to effectively increase basket size and sales, achieving a 107.7x return on investment after using Clerk recommendations in its B2B webshop and 14.7x return on investment after using Clerk recommendations in its B2C webshop.

Here you can see how Buffetti uses Clerk to automatically displays AI-powered product recommendations (namely, “I PIÙ RICERCATI DI OGGI," Italian for "The Most Wanted Today") on its homepage:


Clearly these smart product recommendations are generating great revenue and increased basket size.

The Buffetti team particularly noted the benefits of having a direct customer success manager, an ever-present partner who can guide and support you with not only technical aspects, but also the more commercial 🙌:

"The great thing about Clerk is that they offered us a direct contact (Customer Success Manager) who is able to combine IT needs with marketing needs. It is a rare thing!"

- Gennaro Ferrentino, E-commerce & Marketing Specialist at Buffetti

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