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Friluftsland brand bio

The Facts

  • 17% increase in sales from site search
  • 40% decrease in email marketing production time
  • 17% increase in CTR on email
  • 57% decrease in bounce rate on the blog
  • 12% increase in revenue generated from the blog
  • 2 hour onboarding time for new employees
  • 304% increase in conversion rates


Before switching to Clerk, Friluftsland was struggling with their search engine on their e-commerce site, which was not producing the best results. This ultimately led to lower conversion rates and a higher bounce rate. It was also not able to capture misspellings, something that happens quite often when customers are searching for numerous products.

Additionally, the Friluftsland marketing team was spending a significant amount of time creating newsletter content for their +50,000 email subscribers given their previous cumbersome process. Friluftsland needed a way to save time without sacrificing quality when it came to the brand’s email marketing strategy.

Lastly, the brand prides itself on being experts in the outdoor equipment space and educating customers on the best climbing and hiking gear to prepare them for their next adventure. As a result, Friluftsland invests in creating high-quality written content on its blog to extend the same expertise to customers online as they do in-store. Unfortunately, the brand found itself struggling to convert blog content into sales and was looking for a way to easily connect the products it sells to the content it produces.


Site Search: More (specific) search results

After implementing Clerk’s Search, Friluftsland experienced a 17% increase in sales attributed to site search due to Clerk’s ability to show not just more relevant products but also more products in general. In addition, the brand was also able to capture over 25% more searches due to misspelled words over the last year.

Search results for “vandrestøvler,” which means “hiking boots” in Danish:


As shown above, the search results not only show relevant products, but also relevant categories related to hiking boots (ex: hiking socks), as well as brands who sell hiking boots–giving customers more options for how they wish to explore.

Lastly, Clerk’s Search also allows for a level of flexibility through Merchandising, which enables Friluftsland to show specific products on selected search terms based on the brand’s unique strategy and business goals.

Here you can see how Friluftsland has set up Merchandising in Clerk’s platform and decided to give a significant boost to specific products when customers search for “brændere” or “burners”:


Email Marketing: Faster production time & higher CTRs

Clerk has helped Friluftsland dramatically reduce the production time for email marketing campaigns by 40%. This is due to the fact that Clerk makes it much easier for the brand’s marketing team to pick out and display the best products for a specific campaign. This is accomplished through Clerk’s dynamic product recommendation feature which allows Friluftsland to choose from 23 different product logics to decide what products should be shown to recipients in each email campaign.


Using email in this way has enabled Friluftsland to create highly personalized, relevant email campaigns with less effort while increasing their click-through rate by 17%.

Friluftsland-quote 1

Turning blog posts into sales

In an effort to make the most of the brand’s blog content, Frilufstland needed an easy way to introduce its products into its blog posts without requiring much upkeep. With Clerk’s product recommendation banners, the brand can easily embed relevant product banners within various blog posts to help customers continue their shopping journey on Friluftsland’s ecommerce site. In doing so the brand saw its bounce rate dramatically decline from 90% to 39% and was able to increase revenue generated from the blog by 12%.

Friluftsland-content recs

Alternatively, Frilluftsland can also drive traffic from its ecommerce site to its blog now by including content recommendations in its search results and on product pages for shoppers who wish to do a bit more research before committing to an item.

By tying Friluftland’s content and product discovery experience closer together, the brand is able to close the customer journey loop and make the most of its traffic.

Friluftsland-quote 2

To learn more about how Clerk can help your online business save time and sell more, schedule a time with one of our specialists today.

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