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As a small business, Ugleunger strives to make the most of its time. That’s why it made a conscious decision from the start to find scalable, technological solutions to the challenges the brand faced as a young, growing e-commerce business. After upgrading its website to Magento the brand began searching for more partners that would help Ugleunger scale without requiring tons of hands-on maintenance and upkeep.

This goal coupled with the brand's desire to always provide a personalized shopping experience led Ugleunger to Clerk.


Customer Story_ Ugleunger

Reimagining Email Marketing With Clerk

With a lean team, time is of the essence, however, Ugleunger was still spending a tremendous amount of time on email marketing and complex workflows (as many marketers do). So, with the release of Clerk’s new AI-driven Email Automation tool, Ugleunger decided to give it a try.

Creating Highly Targeted Automated Emails

Because Clerk can easily integrate with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, users can import their subscriber base to Clerk and create highly targeted segments within the Clerk platform using Audiences. This made it possible for Ugleunger to create automated campaigns targeting customers based on a number of different data points and triggers.

For Ugleunger, this meant setting up an automated welcome campaign, abandoned basket campaign, as well as a number of AI-driven campaigns. These AI-driven campaigns spanned from those for customers who have expressed interest in certain brands and products to those promoting trending products and best sellers.

Putting Email On Autopilot

Each of Ugleunger’s campaigns are built within the Clerk platform by selecting the design (created in Clerk’s design editor), audience, and product logic followed by writing the content, and setting the campaign live. No complicated email flows necessary.

After a campaign has been created and set live, Clerk’s AI will decide which of Ugleunger’s campaigns will generate the most ROI. Then the system will send emails out accordingly, taking into account when each customer is most likely to open an email and what content they are most likely to engage with based on all existing data points. This ensures Ugleunger is always sending out the most profitable emails to customers. To ensure customers are not sent too many emails at once, Ugleunger also utilizes Clerk’s feature that limits the number of emails a customer can receive within a given time.

Saving Time & Driving Sales

Working with email automation in this way cuts down time spent on email marketing by roughly 50-60% according to the brand and frees up the team to focus on other tasks. Today, Clerk’s AI-driven automated emails account for 20% of Ugleunger’s  traffic and 12% of the revenue attributed to email. Ugleunger has also seen their email revenue increase by nearly 50% YoY due to their personalization and automation improvements.

Additionally, Ugleunger’s automated email campaigns have an open rate of 35%, which is considerably higher than the average open rate for the retail industry (12.6%), further proving automation is in no way harming the customer's experience and is actually outperforming humans.

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Here are examples of Ugleunger’s automated Welcome Email and Abandoned Cart Email, which utilize Clerk’s pre-built triggers and product logic. The product logic is based on each customer’s behavior on the site (search history, products viewed, etc.), creating a hyper-personalized experience from the start.

Ugleunger Automated Emails

Here is an example of one of Ugleunger’s automated AI-driven campaigns featuring a Brand Specific Campaign for those interested in JOHA and a Trending Products Campaign to all subscribers:

Clerk AI-Driven Automated Emails For Ugleunger

Driving Sales Through A More Personalized CX

Utilizing Search To Boost Conversions and AOV

Because Ugleunger has a wide variety of products and categories it was crucial that they have a search function on their site that was able to provide quick, accurate results so customers could find the items they were looking for with ease. Additionally, with Clerk, Ugleunger has the ability to use merchandising within their search and recommendations to, for example, give sale items or a specific brand a boost. Lastly, by using Clerk’s Search, visitors can start to get results after just two keystrokes as seen in the example below when searching for organic in danish (økologist).

Ugleunger graphics #1

The results have been impressive with nearly 15% of Ugleunger’s customers buying products via Clerk’s search results. The brand also found that in 2020 visitors who used Search were 8x more likely to convert compared to those who didn’t. Plus, with Clerk’s built-in spell check, Ugleunger avoided losing out on 13% of the searches which customers misspelled. Lastly, the AOV for customers who used Search in 2020 was approximately 18% higher than those who did not.

Selling More Products With Recommendations

Ugleunger utilizes Clerk’s Recommendations to help visitors discover relevant products and lend guidance to those unsure where to begin, which can be quite helpful for first time parents. By presenting a combination of best selling products, trending products, personalized recommendations, similar products, and products bought together via recommendation banners throughout the site, Ugleunger is able to provide customers with a more effortless shopping experience and sell more products.

Here’s what Ugleunger’s recommendation banners look like while browsing on a specific product page:

Ugleunger graphics #1-1

50% of Ugleunger's customers have bought products via recommendations. Additionally, those who use recommendations buy almost 2 more products per order on average and are 6.5x more likely to convert than those who do not. Ultimately, implementing Clerk Recommendations has resulted in more revenue for the brand while simultaneously improving the customer experience by making it easier to navigate and discover products throughout the site.

To learn more about how Clerk can help your online business save time and sell more, schedule a time with one of our specialists today.

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