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This year, global mobile users are expected to exceed 7 billion. In parallel to this, worldwide m-commerce growth is being driven by consumers using their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets - to purchase services and goods.

Previously, we talked about data and trends of the global mobile commerce (m-commerce) industry, highlighting the prediction that nearly 73% of global e-commerce sales will happen on mobile devices by the end of 2021.

In this article, we'll switch our attention to Europe, which is potentially one of the biggest players in the m-commerce market from 2020 to 2024. Specifically, we'll focus on m-commerce data and trends in 5 European countries, namely the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and Norway.

We'll cover:

Infographic: An overview of m-commerce in Europe

Covering key statistics, the infographic below gives you an overview of m-commerce developments in the five following European countries: the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and Norway.

M-commerce in Europe

M-commerce Facts and Trends in Europe

As eMarketer’s recent study shows, the UK's mobile commerce sales are estimated to grow to 78.03 billion USD (68.42 billion GBP) this year, which will make up 54.2% of total retail e-commerce sales. It's forecast that m-commerce revenue will continue to grow and reach 134.37 billion USD (105.28 billion GBP) by 2024.

m-commerce in the UK

In 2019, the Netherlands was reported as the fastest growing mobile commerce market in Europe. By the 2nd quarter of 2020, m-commerce made up more than one-third of online sales in the Netherlands, with smartphones being 20% and tablets being 14%. By 2023, the Netherlands are predicted to become a 15.31 billion USD (12.6 billion EUR) m-commerce market.

In Italy, a 2020 survey discovered that one in two people prefer shopping via mobile devices instead of via desktop devices because mobile shopping is perceived as easier and faster. Italy's m-commerce accounted for nearly 40% of the overall e-commerce market size in 2020. As shown in the chart below from J.P. Morgan Global Insights Report, mobile commerce sales in Italy are expected to continuously grow in the forecasting years and reach 29.04 billion USD (23.9 billion EUR) by 2023.

Italy m-commerce

Denmark's m-commerce market is solidly supported and driven by its high Internet and smartphone penetration. The smartphone penetration rate in Denmark was 86.4% in 2020. It has been predicted that Denmark’s mobile commerce market size will reach 13.6 billion USD (11.2 billion EUR) this year and grow to 18.34 billion USD (15.1 billion EUR) by 2023. A recent study found out that almost 55% of Danish consumers use their smartphones and tablets as their preferred devices for product research before making a purchase.

Together with Sweden and Japan, Norway was named one of the top countries for m-commerce business by Netimperative. Outranking other Nordic countries, Norway had the highest m-commerce penetration in 2019, with 53% of Norwegian consumers having shopped via their mobile phones. By 2023, Norway is projected to become a 16.03 billion USD (13.2 billion EUR) m-commerce market.

The key to m-commerce success in 2022

Numerous industrial reports (e.g., Retail Dive, Marketing Dive and Appinventive) suggest that the number one strategy for m-commerce success in 2021 should be ‘personalization.’ This makes perfect sense if you think about it because when consumers are shopping on their phone instead of their computer, it's usually because they are either on the go or don't have much time to spare. So, providing an effortless shopping experience that makes it easy for consumers to find the products they desire is a necessity in this day and age.

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