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Early promotion is everything. And for an event as major as Black Friday, when competition is fierce, you want to give yourself an edge above the rest any way you can.

After all, you can’t expect people to buy what you are selling, if they don’t know you are selling anything worthwhile to them, or worse yet, they don’t even know there is a new promotion because your effort is getting lost in the abyss of Black Friday.

That’s time and money going to waste.

Start hitting up your customers from September

To increase the likelihood of people shopping on your webshop come to B-Day, you are going to have to put in the work early. Brands in the UK that began circulating their promotional material from September, managed to triple their conversion rates compared to those that did so in November.

Think about it, the earlier people know of your deals and discounts, the more time they’ll have to arrange a plan of attack and save money based on what you have to offer.

Consistency wins the race

Cliché, I know. It’s so simple but so true. You could apply that line to all aspects of your life. It’s almost good enough to get it inked. Almost. But for your business to succeed this Black Friday, consistency is a major key.

UK brands that consistently kept their customers in the loop about their promotions from September through to Black Friday, were likely to see a higher number of visits to their site. Customers were four-times more likely to visit those webshops.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean you should email them so much, you get blacklisted. It’s more like easy flirting with someone you’re vibing with.

Optimize your promos for all screens

As you well know, people shop online across all kinds of devices nowadays. This is all very good news for you, webshop owner.  Because the more devices the consumer has, the more windows there are for your advertisement to be seen. In 2017, 56% of purchases were made through two or more devices and that number is expected to grow in 2018.

So put two and two together and you get higher sales. Alternatively, if your website isn’t optimized for all devices, if it doesn’t load or it’s slow,  you will lose customers in the blink of an eye. With so much of everything available online, there is no reason why a consumer would want to struggle with a bad website. I know I wouldn’t and I’m sure neither would you.

Black Friday is such a high-pressure time for business owners, taking some of these onboard for your Black Friday strategy this year, will ease the process and increase your profit. It certainly won’t hurt to try.

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