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How is Clerk’s platform cookieless? An explanation's cookieless solution represents an innovative and ethical platform in the e-commerce optimization and personalization space by shifting focus from traditional, cookie-based tracking techniques to a more privacy-conscious, transactional-based approach. 

This advanced approach is meticulously designed to respect users' privacy while still delivering precise, personalized user experiences without the use of cookies. And this personalized experience is vital, especially as 80% of customers choose to do business with brands that personalize their shopping experience. 

Below, we take an in-depth look at how Clerk's cookieless technology operates and the technical and ethical advantages it offers over traditional cookie-tracking solutions.

Technical Functioning of Clerk's Cookieless Solution: How does it work?

Advanced First-Party Data Collection: 

  1. Clerk leverages sophisticated first-party data collection, where data is sourced directly and exclusively from the webshop's own domain. 
  2. This approach utilizes techniques such as session tracking and user interaction events to gather in-depth insights into user behavior and preferences.

Leveraging Order History for Personalization: 

  1. Clerk excels at harnessing the power of your webshop's existing order history, transforming transaction data into personalized shopping experiences. 
  2. Instead of relying solely on superficial browsing metrics like clicks and searches, we delve deep into your historical sales data. By analyzing these transactions with our sophisticated algorithms, we uncover patterns, preferences, and potential buying behaviors. 
  3. This process is conducted in real-time, ensuring that the content and product recommendations your customers see are instantly tailored to their current interactions and past purchases. This clear focus on utilizing order history sets us apart, enabling highly relevant and personalized marketing efforts, all without data-invasive cookies.

Real-Time Session-Based Personalization with Comprehensive Analytics: 

  1. Clerk leverages advanced session-based tracking technology to provide highly personalized content during each unique site visit. This approach allows us to understand and cater to the user's needs in real-time, based solely on their interactions within the current session. 
  2. Importantly, this method upholds privacy standards by analyzing data without the need to track users beyond their current visit, ensuring no lasting digital footprints are left.
  3. And, our technology is designed to offer complete analytics for all visitors, not just those who accept cookies. Unlike other tools, which can lose up to 25% of their analytics data due to visitors declining cookies, Clerk captures complete visitor insights. 
  4. This capability ensures that our analytics are more accurate and comprehensive, providing a complete view of user behavior and engagement without compromising privacy. This distinct advantage allows for more informed decision-making and strategy development, enhancing the overall effectiveness of personalized content delivery.

The Technical and Ethical Differences from Traditional Cookie Solutions

Enhanced Privacy and Security:

  • By eliminating the need for third-party cookies, which have traditionally been used to track users across different websites, Clerk ensures a higher degree of privacy. This reduces the risk of data leakage and misuse and strengthens user trust.

Compliance with Stringent Data Protection Laws: 

  • Clerk's cookieless solution is designed with an inherent respect for global data protection legislation, such as GDPR and CCPA. By basing personalization on data collected with the user's implicit consent (via their interaction with the site), a higher degree of compliance is ensured.

Accurate User Insights Without Cross-Site Tracking: 

  • Without relying on dubious methods of user tracking, Clerk offers a more ethical approach to data-driven personalization. This ensures that user experiences are based on genuine interest and engagement, not assumptions drawn from their behavior on independent websites or information gathered from more shady or nefarious means.

Future-proof Against Technological Shifts: 

  • With the gradual phase-out of cookies from major web browsers and an increasing user awareness around digital privacy, Clerk's solution offers a future-proof model. This model is robust against changing technological landscapes and legislative requirements.


Clerk's cookieless solution illustrates a technically advanced and ethically responsible method of driving personalization in e-commerce, which respects the modern consumer's expectations for privacy and data protection. 

By combining in-depth first-party data analysis with AI-driven insight, this approach sets a new standard for how companies can engage with their customers in a meaningful, respectful, and legally compliant manner. We've opted to fully disclose our Cookieless technology by detailing our approach in a guide, which you can access here. 

Our motivation is to advocate for an internet that upholds privacy without compromising on relevance. 

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