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Once you’ve gotten customers to enter your webshop, they’re already on their way to convert. It’s your job to make sure that they do. You’ve probably spent a lot of time and money on getting them here in the first place so finding ways to increase the odds is always helpful.

If a customer landed in your webshop, no matter which channel they used to get to you, they already think you could have what they are looking for. Your task is to help them find it.

Make browsing easier

Show off your catalogue to the fullest by making the way your customers search intuitive and the way they are recommended products, useful and personal.


Employ A.I. to give your search function the same usability as customers are used to on the likes of Google. This will make the shopping experience on site both familiar and simple.

Crystal ball searching

If your webshop sells homeware products, when a customer starts searching for “Cand” you can probably assume they will be looking for candles, so why wait for them to put the "le" in? Show results, live, as your customers search. And if they are looking for something else... say a “Candy dish”, that’s fine too! Results will re-filter with the added “y”. 87% of customers are looking for the same few things so place your trending items on top of search results, it will help customers find what they are looking for with no hassle.

There are many ways to skin a cat

And there are many ways that customers can search for things. This isn’t a moment to judge spelling mistakes or query styles. Many errors occur often enough to easily know what your customer meant, even if they didn’t search for it correctly. The same goes for long-search strings such as “I am looking for sandals” a smart search function will filter out the niceties to pick out the important bits of information - “sandals”.

Snap it

Photos are worth a thousand words right? So show off your products with good images, in the search bar and on the product page. A stand-alone picture shows off the quality of the product, but adding in reference images of the product with other items also gives the customer ideas of how to use the product, the size, as well as promoting other products it goes well with in a subtle way.

Speaking of products that go well with this item…

Recommendations are a great way to show customers the kind of products you sell with selections such as “trending now” and “bestsellers”. For customers who are new to your site, this really helps to set the scene as well as introducing them to some of the best things you have to offer.

Once you have built a relationship with the browser- even if it just a few clicks - you can start to show personalised products to target them directly. Even in e-Commerce, customer service is a great way to attract customers, so show that you know your customer base with items chosen specifically for them.

These are just a few of the great ways that you can use Search and Recommendation to draw customers into your website. Take a look at the video by our very own Head of Customer Success - Stefan, to see how you can use these features to their best potential.

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