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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner 😎. As a result, many online retailers find that they need to do some spring cleaning when it comes to their e-commerce store 🧹. This means shedding winter coats and replacing them with summer clothes.

Not only does spring cleaning help clear out your unwanted inventory, but it also generates excellent opportunities to drive more sales 🚀 and improve your customer experience (CX) 🙋‍♀️. Here are our top tips on how to spring clean your e-commerce business!

Step 1: Switch up deals & promotions

Everyone - and I mean everyone – loves a good deal 💥. However, what people don't love is to see the same thing every time they visit your webshop. No one likes being bored. So, switch up your deals and promotions to lock down and prolong your customers' buying interests! Here're two effective tactics:

  • Personalize your offers: Remember that everyone likes to feel special 🥰. Try sending discount codes to your loyal customers, offer a special birthday discount, and engage new customers with limited-time offers in welcome emails.

How to nurture loyal customers

  • Offer a discount in exchange for a review: 88% of consumers claim that ratings and reviews have an impact on their buying decision. An easy and fast way to get more a review is through offering a discount or a simple '$10 off your next order' in return. Your customers will be pleased to get a bargain while you can gain more trust, credibility, and valuable feedback through more reviews. It’s a win-win!

💡 Personalization is not an easy task, but don’t worry, Clerk has got you covered! Powering personalization and relevance for 2,500+ stores worldwide, Clerk can help you automate and personalize your email marketing to automatically grow sales 🏆.

Step 2: Upgrade your website navigation

How easy is it for your visitors to navigate your site and easily find the products they’re looking for? Let’s tackle these problems as the next step of this spring cleaning 🗂️.

Add seasonal categories

Updating your site's navigation to include seasonal categories featuring new products, trends, inspirational looks can help guide customers and discover what's new if they aren't quite sure what they are looking for yet. For example, if you sell women's clothing, you could create a category for wedding looks since spring and summer are considered "wedding season."

Seasonal categories for site navigation

Improve your site search

Optimizing your site search can be an incredibly lucrative move that can not only help you sell more, but also improve your customer's experience on your site. With a revolutionary intelligent search engine built specifically for e-commerce, Clerk allows your webshop to personalize the search experience and always show the most relevant products by taking into account customers' search intent. Read more on how Natural Baby Shower used Clerk to save revenue on misspelled searches and guide its customers with an intelligent search experience.

Personalize product recommendations

Offering dynamic, personalized recommendations can help keep customers engaged and facilitate their product discovery while navigating your site. Clerk Recommendations allow for automatic optimization, which instantly adapts product recommendations based on the season and new trends so that your webshop can always display the most relevant products. See how Clerk helped GrejFreak optimize its product page recommendation banners for reference.

As the figure below exhibits, when a consumer views the product page of Salomon boots, Clerk recommends not only alternative options but also a few complementary products (such as socks) to cross-sell.

Customer Story_ GrejFreak Product Recommendations

Step 3: Streamline the checkout experience

The final step of a good spring clean is to optimize the checkout process of your e-commerce store.

Did you know that according to Accenture’s latest study 87% of online shoppers will abandon their carts during checkout if the process is too long or complex 🛒😱?!!

most shoppers abandon their purchase at checkout

This stat clearly points out that customers nowadays have high expectations and expect a simple, frictionless checkout experience. If the user experience (UX) on the checkout page is poor, all your previous efforts can go to waste.

Another tip we recommend to improve your checkout experience and convert more customers is to give your consumers an incentive to buy more. Offering free shipping can be one of the most effective ways to do so as 24% of shoppers are willing to spend extra more in order to qualify for free shipping.

To learn more about how to provide your customers with an easy, frictionless, fast, and secure payment experience, check out our latest article on the rise of digital payment services.

Although it can be difficult to give your e-commerce site a well-needed spring cleaning, it’s critical to take time to do these check-ups on your site to keep things running smoothly into the next season(s) prepare for more growth.

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