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The Clock Is Ticking: Act Now, Not Later

The holiday shopping season is nearing, much like the last few days before Christmas that suddenly creep up when you've procrastinated on buying gifts. While the temptation to delay might be there, starting your planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday now could give you a valuable head start. It’s a golden opportunity to make sure your webshop is well-positioned to attract a wave of enthusiastic shoppers.

Partners in Personalization: Why Clerk Is Your Go-to Guide

You're not alone on this journey. At Clerk, we understand that diving into personalization might seem overwhelming. That’s why we are here – to work with you to figure out what’s feasible and still effective for your webshop. The aim is not just to implement change but to make it matter.

Small Steps, Big Returns

Let’s be honest, fully personalizing your webshop overnight is a lofty goal. However, even making slight adjustments can significantly impact your sales. Consider it dipping your toes into the water of personalization. The upside is immense. A well-personalized experience will skyrocket on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but even a shop with subtle but key personalization tweaks can reap benefits.

Take a Lesson from Ghost Webshops

As we’ve pointed out before, Ghost Webshops offer a cautionary tale. These are webshops that fail to capitalize on personalization, resulting in missed opportunities for customer loyalty and revenue growth. Don't let your shop join this unfortunate category, especially during the lucrative Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.

After all, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are more than just single days of sales; they are part of a larger ecosystem of opportunities. A lack of personalization not only diminishes your potential profits but can also set a precedent that might deter future visitors. Indeed, being forgettable is a powerful deterrent.


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, now is the time to act. Personalization is not all-or-nothing; even small steps can yield significant returns. Reach out today and we will figure out a tailored approach that's both feasible and effective for your business.

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