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Personal shoppers in department stores are seen as a luxury commodity and there’s no reason why machine analogues shouldn’t be the same. Doubters may claim otherwise, but a whopping 87% of online shoppers find relevant personalization acceptable.

Personalization offers quality of service by setting your e-commerce site apart from others. Connecting directly to your customer base doesn’t just show that you care, it shows value. From remembering product preferences, to birthday greetings and loyalty rewards, using personalization elicits a positive emotional response that can make your customers more likely to convert.

One of the most common ways to pay attention to your customers is to remember personal milestones, like their birthday or long-term brand loyalty. With triggered emails, these greetings can be set up when customers sign up to your site and then you don’t have to worry about it again. This saves you the headache of managing a database of events and brings customers back to your site.

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In fact, automatic email marketing campaigns can be set up with little hassle if you have a good content provider. Continuous campaigns set up in this way are powerful, because unlike classic splash campaigns, they can be personalized to each recipient based on their buying or click history. They can also be sent throughout the month to showcase new items, sale items or recommended items; showing your customers fresh content each time, that has been selected just for them.

To get the most value from personalization marketing, you have to keep it relevant. Liken your customers to Goldilocks when creating campaigns to make sure it’s not too vague, not too often and not too irrelevant, but just right.

By segmenting your customer base using big data analytics, you can offer personalized campaigns that are appreciated. A great example of profiling is noticing what your customers are interested in. A customer that buys tennis rackets is probably interested in other tennis related items, but can be bypassed for the notification on your golf club sale.

Of course, just like trends, customer preferences evolve over time. Your customers go through multiple touchpoints on your e-commerce site, so you can track their changing interests over time. Content providers can help to keep on top of these trends with little effort. So whilst your customers evolve, so can you.

Personalization can be time-consuming to manage, especially when you are adapting to changing needs. In fact, lack of technology is the reason that 37% of global e-commerce businesses don’t use this type of marketing. With that in mind, it can be wise to outsource this division of your company.

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