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How many e-commerce businesses do you know using print mail? My guess... not many but this approach has means of being extremely powerful even if the technique is pretty old school.

The main thing to take note of when planning a campaign like this is to know your audience. To make it successful you need to understand your consumers. You need to give them a reason to visit your webshop so review your sales to see which categories of consumers you have.

Escape that digital competition

Nowadays in the cluttered digital landscape, consumers are overwhelmed with the bombardment of brands competing with each other. Consider using this as a new tactic if you’ve never thought about it. You will have a much stronger chance of standing out.

Stand out from the crowd

As an e-commerce you can sometimes feel like you're in a Where's Wally book. Standing out is always good and you can easily manifest this. Try targeting customers on a one to one basis - it can increase sales by over 50%.

Where's Wally

Moreover, the ability to personalise takes your potential to a whole new level. Even holding a piece of physical content, just like a postcard can feel personal in itself. If you’re unsure on where to start with personalisation, don't worry.

Let us give you a hand with it!

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It is easy to miss the fact that a little A6 piece of card can have such an impact. Ignorance is bliss, we passed the times of direct mailing so we don’t need to class it as an opportunity.

However, If you’re planning on producing some marketing content through postcards, you should keep these tips in mind.

  1. It should reflect your e-commerce so there is a direct relationship from the postcard to your site
  2. Include a clear call to action
  3. Clear direction of contact (a link to your website)

So rather than following suit of the mass-messaging, digital-centric efforts of your competitors - start by thinking outside the digital box and get yourself into the postbox. You’ll be able to drive your traffic up and sell more products while building a loyal customer base.

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