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We all know that running an e-commerce is not always an easy task. Putting in all your efforts to make money with few returns. It can get frustrating and we understand. We don’t have that silver spoon when we start, we make it.

If your e-commerce isn’t selling as much as you would like, here comes the hard truth. You’re losing money and you probably know that. So here are a few ways to spruce up your conversion rates.

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Optimising your site plays a key part in your conversion rates. It’s like nurturing … it hasn’t reached its full potential until all the hard work has been done. It’s likely going to result in your webshop not being looked at because it can’t provide for your consumer. More and more people are browsing through their mobile phone and that is precisely why your e-commerce needs to be optimised. Providing a seamless experience to your consumers will, for sure, help increase your conversion rates.


Slow and steady doesn’t win the race this time.

Ever visited a site and it took way too long to load so you just left? This may be one of the reasons as to why you have low conversion rates. Let's face it, people don't have time. They need what they're looking for in an instance. 1 out of 5 customers will abandon their basket if the page is too slow to load. So you should take your site’s loading time into consideration. If you need help with changing that speed, check out what we can do for you.

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It’s all about the looks

Maybe it’s a silly point but images talk nowadays, more than anything else. Especially for e-commerce business, your consumer isn’t there to see what the product is in real life. The easier you make it, the more your conversion rates will rise.

What it really comes down to is providing your consumers with all the important information they may need to make an informed purchase. A good description, an informative image can make all the difference.

Good looking

The first steps to fixing your low conversion rates are to figure out where you’re going wrong. Once you’ve understood these factors, implement the changes you need to see your rates rise. Hopefully, with these few pointers, you’ll be well on your way to recuperating your sales.

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