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Clerk’s partners Obsidian and Black Lemon are hosting a Shopify conference, and you’ll be able to find Clerk at a stand and as a sponsor.
Read below for an explanation of the reasons for doing and attending this conference:

About the event:

There are already several good conferences within the e-commerce space in Denmark. But none specifically about Shopify. According to, there are more than 15,000 active Shopify stores, and we think it's about time there is an event for these shop owners. 

Over the past few years, Obsidian Digital and Black Lemon have independently come to the same conclusion: Webshops on Shopify grow faster than all others.

It's a great system. But no system is perfect, and you also only get out of Shopify what you put into it.

Therefore, we think there is a basis for creating a day dedicated to the many Danish Shopify shops.

We want to create a day where you can network with other shops and hear what works for them. Not only that, but attend an event where Shopify, Klaviyo and Meta send some of their best people to give you new insights into trends outside of Denmark as well.

Take a day to work on your business instead of just working in it every day. We promise it's worth both your money and your time.

This day is for companies that work with - or want to work with - Shopify. These are primarily Shopify shops, agencies, tools and developers for Shopify - but if you are working with Magento or WooCommerce with the idea of ​​moving over, you are also very welcome.

There will also be presentations on increasing sales, scaling out to markets, reducing technical complexity and much more. This event is for owner managers, marketing managers, developers and shop managers.

The event will take place in May, 2024.

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