Arts and Entertainment

Let your creativity shine by finding your audience.

Unleash your creative potential and let Clerk's AI-powered tools do the rest. Whether you're selling paintings, photography, books, music, or any other form of entertainment, our personalization and automation software can help you stay ahead of the game. From tailored recommendations and fast search results to fully automated email marketing and powerful audience segmentation, Clerk's tools will help you monetize your content and retain your audience, so you can focus on your creativity. Automatically Grow Sales.

Arts and Entertainment beat our previous vendor by 143% in additional revenue.
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Guaranteed to grow your sales automatically analyzes behavior, trends, and transactions to present powerful real-time search results, recommendations, content, and insights.

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order value
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to convert
* Real averages across all e-commerce stores using vs. those who didn’t within the same quarter.

E-commerce automation and personalization. Simplified.

Take your webstore to the next level with Clerk.

Arts & Entertainment

Be on top of the competition. And stay on top of the competition.

The online arts and entertainment industry is highly competitive, with new content being continuously created, making it difficult for companies like yours to stand out and maintain your audience.'s AI-powered solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition. With personalized product recommendations, you can reduce bounce rates and keep your audience engaged with your brand, while our Audience tool helps you identify potential new customers and target them with personalized content that immediately resonates with their interests.

Arts & Entertainment

It’s time to save on your ad spend.

It can be challenging to monetize all your content in the online arts and entertainment industry. Ad revenue alone may not be enough, and finding new revenue streams can be difficult.'s AI-powered recommendations solution helps to suggest relevant content to your audience, so you can increase sales and find new revenue streams beyond traditional advertising. Our algorithms can show your clients’ interests within search and recommendations, allowing you to upsell and cross-sell related products and services before they even knew they needed you.

Arts & Entertainment

Stick to your creative freedom and let us do the wholesale.

Are you powering your email marketing and communications to stay ahead of the curve? Clerk's AI-powered email marketing solution can automate your email campaigns while still giving you creative freedom. Our personalized email campaigns can be individually tailored to your audience's interests and behaviors, allowing you to focus on your art and creative pursuits while we handle the wholesale tasks of tracking customer behavior and providing 1:1 personalized recommendations.

The Clerk Products

Powerful solutions to propel your business.


Optimize your webshop’s search to ensure shoppers find the products they want to see. Whether they are searching for a specific new art piece, a new book, or their favorite record, our intelligent search will show available, best-selling products specifically suited to them. Say goodbye to ‘no result searches’ or displaying out-of-stock products: they’ll always find the correct patterns, artists, or posters they were looking for. And, with typo and synonym detection, keyword matching, and easy navigation, finding the right products has never been easier.

Typo and synonym detection

Keyword matching for more relevant search results

Easy search and website navigation


Are you struggling with cross-selling opportunities and alternative suggestions on your product pages? Our software analyzes customer behavior and preferences to provide tailored recommendations for new and related products, as well as seasonal and trending items. You can even drive traffic from blogs to product pages, creating a seamless browsing and shopping experience for each of your customers.

Suggest alternative cross-sell products

Display complementary products to boost basket size

Turn your blog into a sales machine with dynamic product recommendations


Email is an essential channel for your marketing communication, but it’s time-consuming to draft and choose which products should be shown. With Clerk Email, you can send highly personalized 1:1 product emails using pre-built triggers and set-and-forget predictive AI. Our fully customizable recommendation logics with both rules and filters make it easy to create targeted campaigns for every type of customer, from casual art enthusiasts to professional performers and for the early morning newsletter readers to those who open their emails in the evening.

Completely automated email campaigns

23 prebuilt smart logics

Fully customizable recommendation logics with rules and filters


What if you could predict which customer profiles provide your business with the most value? Our AI finds similar shoppers to your current customers, removes the guessing work about customer behavior, and segments them based on product interest, behaviors, and orders. You can even integrate with ad platforms like Facebook and Google for further reach, using customer analytics to guide your decision-making. With Clerk, you can create a personalized, seamless shopping experience for every art and entertainment enthusiast.

Segment customers by product interest, behaviors, and orders

Growth monitor

Customer analytics

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Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value

What our 

customers think of Clerk

Simplicity! Once you get your head around how Clerk is operating it's very straightforward and intuitive. It's simply child's play.

Richard Cale, Director and Owner

Aqua Essentials


Once we've got people on our site, that is where the conversion work really starts. Clerk is a great tool for meeting customer needs. We use Clerk to boost products where we make a profit. In short, Clerk is helping us generate that bottom line.

Benjamin Philip, CEO



Thanks to Clerk, we can analyze our product and customer data in a simpler and more effective way. Clerk allows us to manage the products of our extensive catalog and all the data essential for the growth of our store through a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Cecilia Grosso, Marketing Specialist



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