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Key Stats

  • 59% of orders contain at least one product found through Clerk
  • 54% of total revenues came from Clerk’s search, recommendation & email contents
  • 19% growth in average basket size
  • 43.2% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
  • 7.4x higher probability of customers converting after using Clerk search
  • 2.62 more products added into each order with Clerk recommendations
  • 13% of extra revenue generated from extra products customers find through Clerk
  • 427% increase in conversion rate


As a successful, long-lasting business in Italy, Collini Atomi di Scarpa has been a perfect partner for fashion businesses, providing materials to footwear and leather goods manufacturers. With a large customer base, the brand strives to serve over 12,000 customers a year. And over the years, Collini Atomi di Scarpa has built a massive product catalog with a great variety of categories and sub-categories. However, while the extensive catalog allowed the brand to satisfy customers' diverse needs and wants, it was confusing and difficult for customers to find the product they were looking for 😵. This issue, unfortunately, could lead to missing out on many conversions and sales opportunities. Hence, the brand was looking for a technological solution that would allow their customers to easily find the product through free text searching.

Besides, Collini Atomi di Scarpa faced another challenge associated with the massive product catalog: to give visibility to the whole catalog and all product options. Although the brand had a lot to offer, they found it challenging to show that to customers. This also constrained their webshop visitors from discovering more interesting products to purchase, resulting in smaller basket sizes and lower profits 😔.

4 years ago, after much thought and consideration, the brand decided to give Clerk a try, and they've been happy with the results ever since 🥰.


Improving conversions by optimizing on-site search experience

Collini Atomi di Scarpa is very pleased and satisfied with the noticeable improvements generated by Clerk’s advanced e-commerce search solutions. After optimizing its internal site search, the most remarkable achievement for the brand has been the dramatic increase in conversion rates. Before implementing Clerk, its conversion rate before was below 1%. But now, it jumps to approximately 4.3%, with the main contribution given by the Clerk’s intelligent search engine. All in all, the brand achieved a 427% increase in conversion rates using Clerk 🤩 has given a big boost to the shop. The main contribution has been given by the Search tool since our catalog is very large with many products that have technical names.”

- Michela Paiusco, Marketing and Communication Specialist at Collini Atomi di Scarpa

Collini Atomi di Scarpa’s customers also enjoy using the site search powered by Clerk, because it highly personalizes each customer's search experience and always presents them with the most relevant products. Thus, up to 43.2% of their customers bought products via the site search powered by Clerk, and the likelihood of customers converting after using search increased by 7.4x 🚀!

At its most basic level, Clerk’s “Instant Search” feature enables the brand’s customers to find the products they’re looking for instantly and effortlessly in a massive catalog. For instance, when a customer uses Clerk’s on-site search tool to find leather (“cuoio" in Italian) fabric in the webshop of Collini Atomi di Scarpa, they can immediately receive relevant results after typing in only two keystrokes:

Instant search

Moreover, although 13.4% of searches are misspelled by their customers, the brand is still able to convert these searches and save revenues thanks to Clerk Search’s “Typo Tolerance” feature. Here’s an example of how Clerk can still deliver correct search results when a customer misspelled the query “cuoio”:

Typo tolerance

As the abovementioned examples demonstrate, Clerk Search’s advanced functionalities ensure a seamless shopping experience that can always guide the brand's customers to the most relevant products.

Growing business with analytical reports & actionable feedback

The magics of Clerk Search don’t just stop there 🔮. While optimizing Collini Atomi di Scarpa’s internal search functions, Clerk's AI system also conducts real-time search analytics and provides actionable feedback to the brand. Via Clerk's in-app dashboards, the brand always has access to a comprehensive and synchronized overview of various search revenue attributions and detailed usage statistics, including profitability, popularity, lost opportunities, and more 📊.

Here’s an example of how Collini Atomi di Scarpa uses Clerk to receive insights on the top non-converting searches and actionable next steps, such as adding relevant products and synonyms:

Data insights-1

In addition, the brand has the ability to export Clerk data to work with it further if needed. By always having real-time insights and feedback through Clerk’s dashboards, Collini Atomi di Scarpa is able to take timely actions to save the revenues that could be potentially lost and make data-driven decisions to further grow their business 💪.

Using cross-selling & upselling tactics to increase basket sizes

While an advanced site search can help customers find the product they’re looking for, product recommendations are crucial for guiding customers' product discovery journey in a webshop. Thus, Collini Atomi di Scarpa utilizes Clerk’s AI-driven personalized product recommendations to help their customers discover additional interesting products, creating cross-selling and upselling opportunities. And… it really works! Averagely 2.62 more products are added into each order, and the basket size is increased by 19%. All in all,  the brand's e-commerce store generated 13% of extra revenue thanks to the increased AOV (average order value) customers find extra products through Clerk.

As the example below represents, when a customer is viewing the product page of nylon fabric, Clerk‘s AI system enables the brand to automatically recommend alternative options (“similar products”) and cross-selling products (“Other customers have also bought”):


Here, the brand uses Clerk to recommend products that can complement or/and upgrade customers’ existing purchases. This is a simple but super effective strategy to increase basket size and sales!

“The recommendations tool greatly reduced our manual work, and the Email Automation tool allows us to send targeted emails based on interests and customer type.”

- Michela Paiusco, Marketing and Communication Specialist at Collini Atomi di Scarpa

Do you want to optimize your e-commerce store and increase sales like Collini Atomi di Scarpa 🚀💰? Get started by talking to one of our specialists today.

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