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Clerk Email has a new feature! 🎉

Previously, Clerk launched two ground-breaking email innovations -Predictive AI Campaigns and Smart Email Triggers - to help you boost sales and generate an excellent ROI while saving time and energy.

But after sending automated email campaigns, how can e-commerce marketers accurately track performance and sales attribution? Particularly when customers nowadays use multiple devices to shop online?

With this new feature, Clerk makes it possible to identify cross-device sales and track each customer's entire shopping journey across multiple devices. 🤩

This new feature corresponds to consumers' changing behaviors and has a long list of compelling benefits. Now, let’s dive into the details of what this new feature means for you 🚀

Background: Cross-device purchase journey

Historically, people only used desktop computers to surf online, check emails, and do online shopping. Nowadays, a customer’s purchase journey consists of a number of different activities and typically involves using multiple devices. For instance, you may check your emails during your lunch break and discover a new product you want to buy on your smartphone; later that day, you might conduct more product research on a tablet while watching TV at home; finally, you decide to use your laptop to complete the purchase that evening.


The prevalence of cross-device shopping has also been confirmed by statistics. According to Shopify’s recent study, 73% of buyers report using multiple channels during their shopping process.


We know that tracking consumer behaviors across several different devices seems to be complex and challenging. But don't worry, Clerk has got you covered 🥳!

Clerk’s innovative cross-device sales tracking

We’ve advanced our Auto Email sales tracking, making it possible for you to identify cross-device sales. This means that if a customer uses a smartphone to open an email sent through Clerk’s Auto Email tool, clicks on a product, and browses around your webshop only to abandon the session and return later that day to place an order (even if it's on another device), Clerk will be able to track and identify this cross-device sale, and attribute the sale to your email campaign! 💡


As the figure above exhibits, now we’re able to connect these separated touchpoints and bring them together in one unified view that represents the entire shopping journey. In doing so, you can precisely identify whether the final purchase is the result of an email sent through Clerk’s Auto Email and more accurately understand how your email marketing efforts influence your customers' behavior.

Last but not least, our sales tracking is still 100% anonymized, which complies with all required guidelines concerning data privacy.

Benefits: Optimizing email marketing & improving customer engagement

Here are three primary benefits of Clerk’s cross-device tracking:

  • Holistic overview of each customer’s entire shopping journey: Now Clerk can more accurately track email opens, clicks, and final conversions, which provides extensive insights into your customers' engagement and behavior with your email marketing campaigns.
  • Optimization of email marketing: Relying on Clerk's cross-device tracking, you can easily optimize your email marketing efforts because you will accurately be able to attribute sales to campaigns.
  • Improved customer engagement: With Clerk, you can ensure your email campaigns are being sent to the most profitable segments, are more targeted and personalized and sent at the most opportune time.

If you want to learn more about Clerk’s cross-device sales tracking, schedule a meeting with one of our specialists today:

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