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Key stats

  • 71% of orders impacted by Clerk
  • 11% growth in average basket size
  • 14.4% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
  • 4.7x higher probability that customers convert after using site search
  • 58.8% of customers buy products via recommendations powered by Clerk
  • 255% increase in conversion rate
  • 243% growth in active customer segment after 1 month of using Clerk Audience for campaigns


As a leading fashion retailer in Denmark, Munk Store offers a vast selection of products for men, women, and children, ranging from clothing, footwear, and accessories to interior items. Due to the brand's wide range of products, it was challenging to find a solution that could accurately categorize and filter all its products in search results and recommendations. Consequently, it became daunting for customers to navigate the site and discover the products they were looking for. This led to higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates.

At the same time, Munk Store was also finding it hard to deliver the same kind of personal shopping experience online as it did in its physical stores. Unlike having an actual shop assistant to help customers discover products that matched their taste, the brand felt it was letting customers down online. This became even more critical with the pandemic, which closed the brand's stores for many months, forcing many shoppers to turn to the internet.

With over 18 years of experience in the Danish fashion industry, Munk Store had built a strong customer base. However, given the increased competition throughout the fashion retailing industry and the rise in e-commerce, Munk Store decided it was time to invest in strengthening its online shopping experience. So, the brand began searching for a solution that could provide the same kind of welcoming, effortless product discovery that its stores offered and ultimately decided to implement all of Clerk's products including Search, Recommendations, Email, and Audience.


Displaying cross-sell recommendations to increase AOV

Munk Store particularly enjoys using Clerk Recommendations because it allows the brand to provide customers with dynamic product recommendations based on 15 prebuilt logics, such as bestsellers, hot products, best cross-selling products, and more, both on-site and via email marketing. In addition, because Clerk's product recommendation tool can take into consideration many different attributes including gender, age, color, and size availability, Munk Store can always ensure it's showing shoppers hyper-relevant available products, despite its large selection.

In order to offer shoppers the most personalized experience possible, Munk Store utilizes Clerk's product recommendation banners on its front page, category pages, product pages, and shopping cart to encourage shoppers to continue exploring more items before completing their purchase.


Munk Store's customers love Clerk's highly personalized recommendations since 58.9% of them buy products via recommendations. As a result, on average 600DKK on each order can be attributed to products customers discovered via recommendations powered by Clerk.

Here’s how Munk Store promotes the “complete the look” type of product recommendations to customers who are interested in buying this Gestuz sweatshirt:

MS-Cross-sell Recommendations

As Mathias points out, showing only hyper-relevant, personalized recommendations is crucial in creating a great customer experience (CX).

"Clerk is extremely accurate when it comes to showing the right products to the right people. Its personalization software has helped us increase our conversion rates and avoid wasting our customers' time by showing them irrelevant products.

Mathias Thulstrup, E-Commerce Manager at Munk Store

Improving CX with best-in-class Search

Although product recommendations are quite helpful for product discovery and personalization, an excellent onsite shopping experience cannot be achieved without an intelligent onsite search engine.

In an effort to improve its site search results, Munk Store decided to implement Clerk's responsive filtering on all category and search pages, which takes into account a product's size and color availability. This ensures the most relevant products with the best availability are always automatically prioritized in results for a more effortless shopping experience.

After implementing Clerk's Site Search, the brand could see that over the last 3 months 14% of its customers bought products they discovered via search. In addition, visitors who use Munk Store's search have an average click-through rate of 20.9% and are 5x more likely to convert.

Here's how Clerk's technology breaks down the search term: 'blue pants'


As the figure above displays, Munk Store delivers a better onsite search experience by using Clerk to easily filter any product attributes and narrow down search results.

Moreover, Munk Store wisely applies Clerk Search and Recommendations in combination: While having personalized gender- and age-specific recommendations on the store, they also provide unfiltered search. Doing so enables personalized recommendations for browsing customers, and at the same time, also allows for presenting the whole catalog in search results for those shopping for families and friends.

Creating loyal customers with AI-driven segmentation

In addition to Clerk's Search and Recommendations products, Munk Store also utilizes Clerk's Audience and Email to gain a better understanding of its customer segments and deliver more targeted email, and ad campaigns. By integrating Clerk with the brand's email marketing software, Klaviyo, and advertising platforms like Facebook, Munk Store can easily build highly specific audiences based on brand interest, category interest, gender, price point, etc., and export them to use on Klaviyo and Facebook in campaigns.

In doing so, Munk Store is able to make more informed business decisions, prioritize marketing efforts, and deliver relevant content and offers to its various target groups on email and social. After using Clerk Audience for a month, Munk Store achieved 243% growth in its active customer segment.

The example below presents how easy Clerk’s AI-driven segmentation engine makes it for Munk Store target customers based on potential lifetime value:

Customer Story Munk Store

Ultimately, Clerk Audience provides a much clearer, more synchronized overview of Munk Store's customers. With a simple click,  Munk Store can instantly create scalable customer segments with expected ROI to, for example, re-engaging one-time buyers that are slipping away, win back loyal customers that are lost, and much more!

In short, Clerk Audience enables the Munk Store to effectively identify the right customers for a particular campaign, which makes it possible to grow its ideal customer base in a quick and efficient way.

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To find out how Clerk can help you drive more sales, improve onsite CX and grow an ideal customer base just like Munk Store, schedule a meeting with one of our specialists today:

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