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The Facts

  • 31% increase in average basket size
  • 21% increase in average order value
  • 349% increase in conversion rate
  • 23% of customers buy products via search
  • Customers that use site search are 4.7x more likely to complete a purchase after doing so
  • 10% of Natural Baby Shower customers purchase products via recommendations


As Natural Baby Shower began to grow and expand its catalog, navigating the site and exploring different products became more difficult. The brand gradually realized that the technology they were using was quite dated. For instance, the product categorization was really difficult, the overall site speed was unsatisfyingly slow, and the onsite search wasn’t working well. Ultimately, Naturally Baby Shower identified three issues critical for its business growth:

  • Natural Baby Shower didn't realize that customers were misspelling query words when using the site's search function. Surprisingly, as current data shows, over 10% of site searches are consistently misspelled. More importantly, the business was missing out on sales by letting customers’ misspelled searches slip away.
  • Natural Baby Shower strives to consistently offer customers the best service, regardless of whether they shop in-store or online. However, the brand realized that shopping online was daunting for its customers because customers easily got overwhelmed by the vast amount of product options, felt frustrated by the slow site speed, and had no access to personal assistance while they conducted their product research.
  • As Naturally Baby Shower increased its product offerings, the brand discovered that customers were still only looking at one or two products and then leaving. In an effort to increase the number of products viewed and time on site, Natural Baby Shower needed a new way to drive more traffic around the site and increase awareness of all the brand's product offerings.

In doing research for new e-commerce personalization software, Natural Baby Shower discovered Clerk through a competitor's site. They were impressed by how their competitor used Clerk’s Recommendations around the site. With much consideration, Natural Baby Shower decided to give Clerk a try, and needless to say, they haven't regretted it since 😊.



Powered by Clerk's industry-leading AI and machine learning technologies, Naturally Baby Shower has been able to increase sales and improve its CX while saving time and energy:


Saved misspelled searches = saved revenue

After implementing Clerk Search, Natural Baby Shower quickly realized the value in the software's typo tolerance feature. As the following example exhibits, when a customer misspells "stroller," when using the site's search, Clerk can still deliver the correct search result with intelligent autocorrect. Now, Naturally Baby Shower doesn't have to worry about potentially losing sales when customers misspell items or create typos.


As a result, Natural Baby Shower has been able to increase its Search conversion rate significantly, gaining hundreds of new customers who otherwise could have been lost.

Guiding customers with an intelligent search engine

With the help of Clerk's speedy search feature, Natural Baby Shower’s site immediately became much faster and easier to shop on providing customers with more relevant results. In addition, Clerk Search presents customers with perfect results after only two keystrokes within the industry-leading 18ms response time, offering Natural Baby Shower customers instantaneous results and a seamless shopping experience.

Here's how search results look when searching for "carriers" on Natural Baby Shower's site using Clerk's search technology:


With an optimized search function on the site, Natural Baby Shower could see that 23% of customers buy products via search and those that use search are 4.7x more likely to complete a purchase after doing so.

Improving CX with content recommendations

Nearly 90% of customers conduct product research before making a purchase. In an effort to convert customers in their research phase, Natural Baby Shower utilizes Clerk's content recommendations feature which includes related content in its search results and product pages. This provides customers with the opportunity to do their research (comparing products, features, prices, etc.) without ever having to leave the brand's e-commerce site. Being an all-in-one personalization platform, Clerk’s Search and Recommendations can work their magic in an integrated manner.

Here is an example of how Naturally Baby Shower displays relevant content and articles when searching for "carrier":

NBS-Content Recommendations

In doing so, Naturally Baby Shower not only provides customers with a better shopping experience but also improves the ROI of its content marketing efforts.

Increasing basket size & AOV via 1:1 personalized recommendations

After implementing Clerk Recommendations, Natural Baby Shower quickly saw how the feature helped customers continue exploring new items without having to conduct a search query or use the site's navigation, creating a more effortless, enjoyable shopping experience. Through Clerk's technology, recommendations are automatically generated based on a number of behavioral data points (visitor's click history, order history, search history, etc.) as well as product data points (best sellers, trending, best-cross sell products, etc.). This ensures shoppers get a hyper-personalized shopping experience while Natural Baby Shower is able to convert more customers and sell more products.

Below is an example of Natural Baby Shower’s recommendation banners used throughout the site:


“When we’d been running with Clerk for a few months and we could immediately see that the average order value was one of the biggest gains that we had,” stated the co-founder, Clifton.

Nearly 10% of Natural Baby Shower customers purchase products via recommendations and add an average of 1.39 more products to their baskets resulting in a 21% higher AOV.

Ultimately, using Clerk Recommendations means more customers looking at more products which leads to more sales for Natural Baby Shower. If you want to hear more about the brand's journey with Clerk, check this video interview.


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