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Industry: Homewares and appliances

Products: Search, recommendations, email

Founded: Copenhagen, Denmark


1) Alignment of sales metrics across several markets and currencies

2) Customers only purchasing 1 item which adds little to the bottom line

3) Prolonging the customer journey on their webstore


1) 11% in extra revenue

2) 81% increase in basket size

3) 125% higher average order value

In this customer story, learn how Eva Solo utilized Clerk’s Search, Recommendations, and Email tools within their webstore to increase their basket size by 81% and achieve a higher average order value of 125%. 

Introduction to Eva Solo: Family-owned Danish design 

Founded over 100 years ago, Eva Solo designs home and kitchen accessories with a keen focus on aesthetics, functionality, and high quality. All hallmark aspects of great Danish design. 

Eva Solo is a fourth-generation family-owned company and has grown into a modern, innovative, and international design company employing more than 60 people. While they have their headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, Eva Solo’s products are sold worldwide.  

We are honored to be a part of their tech stack, assisting Eva Solo with their prolonged and incredible success.

Before Clerk: Looking for that secret ingredient to boost conversion rates and basket sizes.

As a Danish company, Eva Solo has known about Clerk since we were a much smaller startup, finding our e-commerce solutions intriguing. 

In particular, they were especially interested in two key factors Clerk specializes in and upon which they wished to improve. 

These were how our solution helps to:

  1. Improve conversion rates,
  2. Increase basket sizes.

And with several online stores serving various markets, increasing these KPIs across the board was vital. This was especially challenging as they had to juggle different metrics across markets and find a streamlined solution that would work not only with one currency or market, but all.

The solution: Why choose Clerk as an e-commerce tool?

Clerk’s solution provided Eva Solo with the tools to automate and personalize their customer journey. They currently utilize 3 of our products: Search, Recommendations, and Email

Not only that, but Clerk is:

1. A cookieless personalization tool

Clerk’s AI platform is completely cookieless, meaning the personalized experience works entirely within privacy compliance and ensures sensitive data is kept safe.

2. An all-in-one platform

The unique suite of products work in conjunction to create a fully-rounded e-commerce personalization and automation experience.

3. Works from day one

Clerk’s technology requires no learning period and works out-of-the-box, meaning results can be measured from day one

4. Driven by the power of AI

Clerk’s AI-driven software functions just like an in-store employee, using its insightful and intuitive data to correctly predict the products customers are wanting to purchase. 

By implementing Clerk’s products within their existing e-commerce tech stack, Eva Solo has been able to succeed in their mission to increase conversion rates and basket sizes.

Before using Clerk, Eva Solo was using another personalization and automation system but found this to just not be feasible. Therefore, once they changed their e-commerce platform provider to DynamicWeb, a partner of Clerk’s, they also changed their personalization software.

During this process, their developers had experience using Clerk, and thus, it was a no-brainer choice for Eva Solo to implement Clerk. We seamlessly integrate with many e-commerce platforms, including Eva Solo’s chosen DynamicWeb.

The results:

Eva Solo describes 3 key areas upon which they have particularly impressed upon.

  • The use of data to create actionable and workable solutions.
  • Content recommendations and search to prolong the customer journey.
  • Personalized emails to further entice customers, even after purchase. 

Content search and recommendations: The incredible power of content

Content search and recommendations have become vital aspects of Eva Solo’s e-commerce sales strategy, allowing them to harness these capabilities to elevate and prolong the customer journey on their website.

So, what exactly are content search and recommendations?

Clerk’s search function allows for blog posts and articles to be displayed alongside product suggestions. For example, if a customer searches for a specific frying pan, Eva Solo can also recommend blog posts related to the product, for example “The best meals to make in a frying pan” or “how to clean your pots and pans”.

Content recommendations works in a similar way, yet even more powerful way. On a specific product page, Clerk empowers Eva Solo to optimize blog content placement at the bottom of every product page, intelligently curating the most relevant blog posts for each product.

This feature also works the other way around. This means that Eva Solo can seamlessly integrate products into their blog posting strategy as Clerk scans the blog text to display relevant products.

And the best part? It’s dynamic, meaning that Eva Solo can turn on the feature and then not worry about having to manually change which products or blogs are featured and ensure that new products and blog posts are displayed.

This not only streamlines the process, saving valuable manual time, but ensures the site is consistently updated with the latest posts and products, embodying a complete commitment to automation that effortlessly reengages visitors effortlessly by offering a continuous flow of relevant material as they explore the site. 

And as Anders Jonsson, E-Commerce Manager at Eva Solo states, “It’s a nice way to keep visitors engaged on the site, as it always presents them with something else once they have scrolled to the end of the page.

Not only that, but it’s also a branding and storytelling tool. We get to tell customers stories related to the products they have shown interest in. So not only do they see a frying pan or a wine glass, they also have the option to dive into the story about the design, the functionalities or content that makes the product even more interesting and relevant.”

Email recommendations: The future for Eva Solo is email

Eva Solo has also recently started using Clerk’s Email tool, looking even beyond content search and recommendations on their website to explore further possibilities for automated product placement in other areas. 

Initiating their foray into Clerk’s Email, Eva Solo are strategically leveraging the power of email content to propel their active campaigns. 

The new strategy is underpinned by one key facet: Automation. Eva Solo has wholeheartedly embraced the power of automation, particularly in their post-purchase flows. 

How does this work? Well, if a customer ends up buying the aforementioned frying pan, they will then receive a thoughtfully curated email featuring related content and complementary products. 

The real advantage not only lies in the email’s automation but in the precision of delivering content that fulfills specific requirements that are tailored toward each customer. This ensures an entirely personalized experience alongside impactful engagement for Eva Solo's customers.

Anders Jonsson furthers on this, stating “it’s a great way to engage customers to both explore further products and content: it’s a really nice way to holistically present everything we have to a customer. Our range of products is quite broad. Some customers are interested in browsing plates, pots, and pans, while others are looking for design items for their home or garden or furniture for their dining room. With Clerk's Email content, we can send personalized emails showing categories of products they have shown interest in or even purchase. By doing so, we broaden their horizons email by email and ensure we don't send information about a bird feeder to a person that's interested in a dining chair."

Data: Utilizing smart insights for strategic excellence

Eva Solo has also emphasized the significant advantage in the profound capabilities of reading, learning from, and acting upon data with Clerk, adding it has been a real plus. 

Each of Clerk’s products features its own data analytics dashboard, meaning that you can really narrow down the data by product and discern how each product is performing for your store.

The real strength lies in the ability to extract valuable insights from this data and transform it into actionable intelligence that then becomes a cornerstone for continuous improvement across their websites.

This process not only helps Eva Solo refine their existing strategies but also serves as a guiding light for evolving business goals and directives. The beauty of this approach lies in its multifaceted impact—Eva Solo uses this gleaned information to strategically enhance and optimize various facets of their website, which, in turn, not only captures but sustains customer engagement.

By harnessing the power of actionable data, Eva Solo not only stays ahead of the curve but fosters a more connected and engaged user experience on their platform.

And the stats really speak for themselves, with Eva Solo seeing:

  • 11% in extra revenue
  • 81% increase in basket size
  • 125% higher average order value

Anders summarizes it well, stating, “the benefits since implementing Clerk have been numerous. It saves manual time through automation and everything is much more dynamic now”.

A big thank you to Eva Solo for the collaboration and partnership. Want to read more customer stories with Clerk? Click here.

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