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Personalized recommendations with Clerk this Holiday season

Running an online web store might seem as straightforward as picking out a Christmas gift, but in reality, it requires the right strategy and tools. 

Without these, you risk leaving your customers feeling like they've received an ill-fitting sweater rather than a thoughtfully chosen present. 

Consider this: over 70% of consumers experience frustration when their shopping experience feels impersonal, just like receiving a generic holiday card instead of a personalized message.

The holiday season and its spirit of giving, mirrors what your online store should aim for every year. A recommendations tool, and one that is designed to be completely cookieless, is like the star atop your Christmas tree, essential for guiding your customers to the products they’re looking for. 

In fact, 56% of shoppers are more likely to return to a store where the product recommendations feel tailored to their preferences, just like the joy of receiving a gift that's been chosen with care.

In this article, we'll unwrap why the recommendations tool from Clerk is a must-have, to help you to deliver not just products, but also the joy and personalization that customers cherish, during the holidays and into the new year.

Increase sales from the shopping cart

As the holiday season approaches, showcasing relevant products to your customers before they checkout becomes even more crucial in increasing your sales. 

How so? Well, more than 90% of shoppers are likely to purchase products from their shopping cart if they find the offerings personalized and in tune with the holiday spirit. 

Imagine a customer has just added a pair of winter boots to their basket and is about to checkout. This is a golden opportunity to enhance the order value by displaying products with a higher profit margin to encourage a cross-sell opportunity.

With Clerk’s recommendations slider feature you can personalize the shopping cart to each individual. Imagine suggesting accessories that resonate with the products the customer has added to their cart. This approach not only boosts your sales but also enhances the customer’s shopping experience.

Reduce bounce rate and increase basket size

The product page is not just a showcase for your products; it's a place to let your products shine. By displaying rich information and pictures, you can increase the chances of inspiring your customer to make a purchase. 

You can show your customers popular accessories that complement the product they’re currently viewing. This is excellent for enhancing cross-selling opportunities, particularly when shoppers are looking for the perfect Christmas gift or looking to buy something for themself. 

The tool also allows you to display products that other customers are looking at. This feature guides your customers through your catalog, helping them discover items they might not have considered otherwise.

By utilizing these features, you not only guide your customers through your catalog but also create a more engaging and enhanced shopping experience.

Extra orders from your confirmation page

While a 'thank you for your purchase' message might seem like the end of a customer's journey, Clerk's recommendations tool can transform an opportunity to drive additional sales, especially during the festive Christmas season.

This does more than just increase the potential for more orders. It also enhances customer satisfaction by showing that you understand their needs, offering them alternative products that complement their purchase. 

By utilizing this feature, you unlock the potential for a stronger relationship with your customers, increased customer loyalty and a better shopping experience. This ensures that your customers keep coming back for more, not just during the holidays but also for the future.


Clerk’s recommendations tool is a game-changer for your business. Personalization is your golden ticket to increased customer satisfaction and business growth. And that is exactly what Clerk can offer.

Imagine that every customer visiting your store feels like it’s made just for them. That is the kind of online shopping experience Clerk provides. By suggesting products that match the individuals preferences and needs, this AI-powered tool does more than boost sales, it builds stronger relationships. 

Even if the customer is browsing through your wide variety of products or is about to checkout, Clerk ensures to maximize the customer journey all the way through.

Frankly, it’s about making your customers feel special and understood.

So, if you’re looking to take the online shopping experience to the next level, increase sales and feed customer loyalty, Clerk’s recommendations tool is for you. 

Download our white-papers to know how to utilize our recommendations tool to your advantage! 

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