Baby and Toddler

A shopping experience as precious as your little one.

High chairs, car seats, cots, strollers: the list of necessary baby products is never-ending. And it’s a daunting task for parents to know what products they need. Help your customers research and find the right products without needing that in-store experience with our all-in-one personalization solution. Your customers will be fully prepared with everything they need for their child, whether they are first-time parents or seasoned babysitters. Automatically Grow Sales.

Baby and Toddler beat our previous vendor by 143% in additional revenue.
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Guaranteed to grow your sales automatically analyzes behavior, trends, and transactions to present powerful real-time search results, recommendations, content, and insights.

Increase in
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* Real averages across all e-commerce stores using vs. those who didn’t within the same quarter.

E-commerce automation and personalization. Simplified.

Take your webstore to the next level with Clerk.

Baby and Toddler

Parents do the research. Now turn your blog into a conversion machine.

Buying products for newborns can be emotionally charged as new parents want to ensure they have everything necessary for their baby. This also means that new parents thoroughly research every product before they purchase. Make sure your blog converts for you with dynamic product recommendations to seamlessly send your customers from their research to your products. You can even add related blog content to your search results.

Baby and Toddler

Once your customers have found your webstore, keep them there.

Many new customers will land on your product pages from external searches. Help capture this traffic by suggesting alternative recommendations to increase conversions and SEO while reducing bounce rates. If a potential customer searches for a baby car seat, for example, they can see related products or blog posts to create an internal feedback loop that drives more traffic around your webstore and increases product awareness.

Baby and Toddler

A stroller and a car seat? Our AI sales assistant says yes.

It’s time-consuming to choose related products, so remove the manual guesswork and let our intuitive AI do the work for you. While some products are intuitively linked, like a stroller and a rain cover, our AI can discover recommendations that might not be so obvious. Our AI works as a robotic sales assistant to help your customers find the right products for their babies and even works seasonally and by a child’s age range.

The Clerk Products

Powerful solutions to propel your business.


Optimize your internal search to help your customers find the right baby products so new parents have the peace of mind knowing they don’t need to wade through a vast ocean of uncategorized products. Whether they are searching for a baby seat, newborn clothes, or a teddy bear, our intelligent search will show available, best-selling, and specific products specifically suited to them.

Typo tolerance and synonym detection

Responsive filtering on all category and search pages

Search results from only 2 keystrokes


Struggling with cross-selling opportunities? Product recommendations are crucial throughout the buying journey, so let our AI-based Recommendations solution create a hyper-personalized shopping experience that automatically generates the perfect products for your customers on every page. Think of the time you’ll save. Help your customers explore more at every touchpoint and create an effortless shopping experience, which is especially helpful for first-time parents.

Suggest alternatives, best-sellers, and many more

Drive traffic from blogs to product pages

Create hyper-relevance with specific and seasonal recommendations


Email is an essential channel for your marketing communication, but it’s time-consuming to choose products and ensure you get them right: you don’t want to send emails for newborn clothes to parents with toddlers. You can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Clerk Email uses pre-built triggers and set-and-forget predictive AI to send highly personalized 1:1 emails, which can be easily integrated with your current email marketing software.

Completely automated email campaigns

Targeted emails based on interests and customer type

Fully customizable recommendation logics with rules and filters


What if you could predict which customer profiles provide your business with the most value? Our AI finds similar shoppers to your current customers and removes the guessing work about customer behavior and can be segmented by product, order history, and even implied child age. You’ll now know if they’re interested in baby toys, toddler rain jackets, or highchairs. And the best part? Our Audience feature is completely cookieless.

Segment customers by product interest, behaviors, and orders

Integrate with ad platforms like Facebook and Google for further reach

Use customer analytics to guide your decision-making

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Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value

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When we’d been running with Clerk for a few months and we could immediately see that the average order value was one of the biggest gains that we had.

Clifton Vaughan, Co-Founder

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Clerk's AI-driven automated email campaigns save us a tremendous amount of time and have been instrumental in helping us grow Ugleunger without needing to scale our team.

Mikael Hansen, Founder



We save a lot of time using Clerk so we can focus on other things that can't be automated!

Thomas Ferm Fischer, Head of E-Commerce



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