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Navigating the world of health and beauty online can be challenging, especially with so many products, uses, and benefits. Beauty is a truly individual experience, and the shopping experience should be too. Personalize the entire journey for your customers so they discover the products they actually need with Clerk’s all-in-one personalization solution. Automatically Grow Sales.

Health and Beauty beat our previous vendor by 143% in additional revenue.
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Guaranteed to grow your sales automatically analyzes behavior, trends, and transactions to present powerful real-time search results, recommendations, content, and insights.

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* Real averages across all e-commerce stores using vs. those who didn’t within the same quarter.

E-commerce automation and personalization. Simplified.

Take your webstore to the next level with Clerk.

Health & beauty

With so many products on offer, help your customers find their look.

Your Webshop can show 1000s of products to satisfy your shoppers’ needs, but this also means they need to search through more to find exactly what they want. How overwhelming. Why make them scroll your shampoos, hair masks, and conditioners when they only want a brush? Combat this with intelligent search, making it easier and time-efficient for your customers to find the right products every time they search.

Health & beauty

Don’t let one spelling mistake be the reason your shoppers leave.

Niacinamide, hyaluronic, collagen… you’d have to be a spelling bee winner just to remember how to spell them all. And that’s not including brand names. Remove the need for a dictionary and take the guessing work out for your customers with an intelligent search function that recognizes typos and suggests relevant results. You don’t want to lose sales because of typos and complex brand names, do you?

Health & beauty

Beauty is an individual experience. The shopping experience should be too.

Your shoppers have different skin types, beauty preferences, and health needs- giving your customers generic recommendations just won’t cut it. You need to speak to their individualized needs to make their shopping experience as beautiful and unique as they are with personalized recommendations. Provide shoppers with easy navigation and dynamic, personalized recommendations throughout their buying journey to increase conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

The Clerk Products

Powerful solutions to propel your business.


Optimize your webshop’s search to ensure shoppers see the products they actually want. Whether they are searching for a bronzer or an eyeshadow palette, our intelligent search will show available, best-selling, and specific products suit specifically to them. Say goodbye to ‘no result searches’ or showing out-of-stock products.

Typo and synonym detection

Keyword matching for more relevant search results

Easy search and website navigation


Struggling with cross-selling opportunities? Our Recommendations solution works with AI to automatically generate the perfect product recommendations. Help your customers discover more at every touchpoint, so they can complement their foundation with the matching concealer, bronzer, or whatever our smart AI recommends.

Suggest alternative cross-sell products

Display complementary products to boost basket size

Turn your blog into a sales machine with dynamic product recommendations


Email is an essential channel for your marketing communication but it’s time-consuming to draft and choose which beauty products should be displayed. There are so many products and needs that it’s impossible and impractical to have a one-size-fits-all approach. Clerk Email uses pre-built triggers and set-and-forget predictive AI to send out highly personalized 1:1 product emails.

Completely automated email campaigns

23 prebuilt smart logics

Fully customizable recommendation logics with rules and filters


What if you could predict which customer profiles provide your business with the most value? Our AI finds similar shoppers to your current customers and removes the guessing work about customer behavior, so you’ll know if they’re interested in mascaras, skincare, or hair oils. And the best part? Our Audience feature is completely cookieless.

Segment customers by product interest, behaviors, and orders

Growth monitor

Customer analytics

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Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value
Increase in
order value

What our 

customers think of Clerk

Thanks to Clerk, we can analyze our product and customer data in a simpler and more effective way. Clerk allows us to manage the products of our extensive catalog and all the data essential for the growth of our store through a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Cecilia Grosso, Marketing Specialist



Thanks to Clerk, managing related products became way easier! It's saving us a lot of time. We love that we're able to access detailed and reliable statistics on customer usage and follow their shopping journey on the website.

Luca Amato, General Director



Since we implemented's search tool, we have seen a significant improvement in our conversion and bounce rates. We have a huge catalog of products, so Clerk's tool has been instrumental in leveraging the many different products we carry.

Elizabeth Ronan, General Manager



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