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Key Stats

  • 74% of orders contain at least one product found through Clerk
  • 51% of products sold via Clerk
  • 50% of total revenues came from Clerk’s search & recommendation contents
  • 39.1% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
  • 9.4x higher likelihood of customers converting after using Clerk search
  • 27.5% of customers buy products via product recommendations powered by Clerk
  • 5x higher likelihood of customers converting after clicking on Clerk recommendations
  • 595% increase in conversion rate


Being a prosperous business for two decades, Procosmet strives to constantly improve its products and customer experiences. Specifically, the brand was looking for technical solutions that could improve the user experience (UX) on its e-commerce website. Since Procosmet owns two different haircare brands and offers an extensive selection of products (more than 600 items), it was critical for the brand to facilitate its customers with navigation around its website and personalize each customer’s shopping experience. In other words, Procosmet wished to make its e-commerce website “smarter” and "more user-friendly." 😉

In particular, Procosmet wished to improve internal site search functions on its e-commerce website, aiming to make it easier for shoppers to find the right products in an extensive product catalog. Meanwhile, the brand discovered that many customers, unfortunately, misspelled their search queries. If the search engine failed to recognize the typo and show relevant search results, the brand would lose the sale just like that 😢


Improving customer experience & conversions with intelligent search engine  

After implementing Clerk Search, Procosmet instantly optimized its internal site search, making the search functions easier to use and more intuitive 😎.

Above all, the brand is now able to always show the right products even when its customers misspelled their search queries or created typos. In fact, up to 18.1% of searches are misspelled by its customers. Now with Clerk, Procosmet no longer has to worry about potentially losing tons of sales in the case of misspelled search queries.

As the example below presents, when a customer misspells “shampoo” using the site search, Procosmet can still deliver the correct, relevant search results with Clerk's intelligent autocorrect.

The benefits of optimizing the internal site search have been statistically proven: Now, 39.1% of Procosmet’s customers buy products online via site search powered by Clerk, and the likelihood of customers converting increases 9.4x once they interact with Clerk Search.

Boosting online sales with dynamic, personalized product recommendations

A truly personalized on-site shopping experience cannot be completed without personalized product recommendations dynamically placed across the e-commerce website.🏆 Because Procosmet has a vast catalog, it was not always easy for customers to find the right products. Having to search for them every time could be time-consuming, and it could also discourage the customer from continuing their shopping journey and placing a final purchase.

Now with Clerk Recommendations, Procosmet can help customers with their product discovery by suggesting alternative options and complementary products. As a result, customers today can always find the most relevant product recommendations on each product page. Doing so allows the brand to not miss any sales opportunities. 😉 Statistically speaking, placing Clerk's personalized product recommendation banners across Procosmet’s website resulted in 27.5% of its customers purchasing products via recommendations. Furthermore, the probability of customers converting increases 5x once they interact with Clerk’s recommendations.

Here’s an example of how Procosmet creates cross-selling opportunities by using Clerk to automatically show customers the "You might also be interested in" type of product recommendations on the shopping cart page:

Doing so makes it possible for the brand to increase the basket size and average order value before the shopper jumps into the final checkout 🛍️.

"We have also found that Clerk is able to positively influence the sales. In only a few months, we had already paid back the investment made!"

- Linda Tincani, Marketing Manager at Procosmet Italy

Achieving internal business goals with e-commerce merchandising

In addition to Clerk Search and Recommendations, Procosmet also tried to exploit other Clerk's advanced features, such as Merchandising. It's worth mentioning that Clerk ranks Number 1 in E-Merchandising in the latest G2 Winter 2022 Report. 🥇

Partnering with other Clerk products, Clerk Merchandising enables Procosmet to take full control of its customers' online shopping experience. It serves as a simple and effective way for the brand to promote or penalize certain products according to their marketing goals or warehouse needs.

The example below exhibits how Procosmet gives a boost to the brand "BS98" by ensuring the prioritized placements of BS98 products on search result pages:


After being extremely satisfied with Clerk’s Search and Recommendation products, Procosmet decided to give Clerk Email a try. At the moment, their team is experimenting with Clerk's Email features and is super excited to see the upcoming results 🤩.

“Clerk is intuitive and clear. Although it is a rather advanced artificial intelligence tool, it took a short time to become familiar with the platform, and you can better understand how to make the most of it.”

- Gregorio Sassi, Digital Marketing Specialist at Procosmet Italy

Procosmet also particularly applauded for Clerk’s excellent customer support and service 🙌 😍, saying "The assistance is a considerable plus, always punctual and available.”

Want to improve your customer experience and significantly increase conversion rates like Procosmet 🚀💰? Get started by talking to one of our specialists today.

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