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This is how Ausilium Tripled Conversion & Sent More Emails in Less Time

Customer Story Ausilium

Key stats

  • 46% of products sold via Clerk
  • 43% of orders impacted by Clerk
  • 17% increase in basket size
  • 21.2% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
  • 11.2x higher probability that customers convert after using site search
  • 24.2% of customers buy products via Clerk recommendations
  • € 3,341 more revenue generated by Clerk email recommendations
  • 330% increase in conversion rate
Ausilium performance stats


For many e-commerce sites, a massive catalog with a wide variety of products holds both strengths and challenges. By providing over 15,000 products for customers to choose from, Ausilium can satisfy a wide range of customers' demands and needs. Yet, it was also a daunting task for its customers – elderly people in particular – to find the right products in this vast product catalog 😫. Therefore, Ausilium needed advanced technological solutions to help them create better website navigation, deliver more relevant search results, and ultimately improve customers' onsite shopping experience 👩‍💻.

Being a successful elder care business in Italy, Ausilium has a large group of active, loyal customers. Its e-commerce site welcomes over 25,000 daily visitors on average 👣. The brand realized that this large number of visitors on their site has also left a vast amount of customer behavioral data (such as visitors' click history, search history, and order history), so they were searching for a tool to analyze these valuable data points 🛠. Primarily, Ausilium wanted to conduct an advanced, detailed analysis of its customers' search statistics to better understand customer interests and identify potential areas to improve 🙏.


Utilizing intelligent search engine to better understand customer needs

"It also helps our customers find the products they are looking for more easily and is able to anticipate their needs. Clerk also offers a very high level of assistance service to their customers and are always ready to propose innovative solutions."

Cecilia Grosso, Marketing Specialist at Ausilium

With a wide variety of products and categories, it was crucial for Ausilium to have a proper onsite search function that was able to provide instant, accurate results so their customers could easily find the products they were looking for. Implementing Clerk Search not only meets this primary demand but also delivers results beyond the brand’s expectations. Ausilium uses Clerk to better understand customers' search queries and present highly relevant, personalized results. In addition, Clerk makes it possible for the brand to anticipate customer’s buying interests through recognizing synonyms and misspelled searches. By doing so, Ausilium succeeds in providing a seamless, personalized shopping experience and converting window shoppers into actual buyers.

Statistically speaking, 21.2% of Ausilium’s customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk. In addition, 14.7% of searches on their site are misspelled by customers. Still, Ausilium manages to save them with the help of Clerk. As a result, the likelihood of customers converting increases 11.2x once they interact with Clerk Search 💸 !

As the example below displays, when a customer is searching for "tray" in Italian (vassoio), they can receive other relevant results like "small table" ("tavolino” in Italian).


By automatically recognizing synonyms for customers’ search queries, Ausilium is able to provide relevant search results that otherwise would not have been shown. Doing so can make sure that customers will find the right products they’re looking for and increase the likelihood of them converting after searching 🛒.

Boosting sales but saving time with AI-driven email automation

Email is an essential channel for Ausilium to communicate with customers. Previously, Ausilium was spending a lot of time and energy drafting and sending marketing emails. However, after integrating Clerk Email, Ausilium instantly automated their email marketing with Clerk's pre-built triggers and set-and-forget predictive AI sending technologies. Doing so helps the brand dramatically reduce manual work and speed up the production process of email marketing campaigns 🚀.

Furthermore, Clerk allows Ausilium to send customers emails with highly personalized 1:1 product recommendations. Using Clerk makes it much easier for Ausilium’s marketing team to select and display the best products for a specific campaign. With 23 pre-built product logics to choose from, the brand can quickly decide what products are relevant to be recommended to recipients in each email campaign.

Below is an example of how Ausilium recently applied the product logic “Best Sellers in Category” to launch a successful email marketing campaign with ease:


Using Clerk to send automated emails with personalized product recommendations, Ausilium effortlessly generated €2,331 more revenue over the past 3 months. Overall, Clerk’s email automation tools enable Ausilium to send high-volume emails with personalized relevance, improve CX (customer experience), save time and energy, and most importantly, increase sales and revenue💰.

Using merchandising to improve CX & maximize profits

While Clerk's other products are thoroughly rooted in AI-driven automation, Clerk’s merchandising allows Ausilium to have control over which results should be presented to their customers. In essence, the brand utilizes Clerk's merchandising to present and promote what they want to sell. As the following figure illustrates, Clerk's merchandising is a powerful partner to other products (e.g., search, recommendations, and email), as well as a critical element to ensure great e-commerce experiences.

To be specific, Clerk's merchandising allows Ausilium to boost products on sale, prioritize products from a particular brand, hide out-of-stock products, and much more, enabling the brand to control what products are shown to customers on the e-commerce site and in email campaigns. Here's an example of when customers search for wheelchairs in Italian (carrozzina), how Ausilium highlights and prioritizes selected items by applying the merchandising rule "Always Pin to Top":


By implementing effective merchandising campaigns, Ausilium can guide customers to the most relevant and/or profitable products, improving CX and maximizing sales and profits.

"Thanks to Clerk, we can analyze and manage our product and customer data in a simpler and more effective way. Clerk allows us to manage the products of our extensive catalog and all the data essential for the growth of our store through a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. "

Cecilia Grosso, Marketing Specialist at Ausilium

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