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The Facts

  • 40% of orders impacted by Clerk
  • 39.3% is the average open rate of automated emails delivered by Clerk
  • 101,014 emails were delivered with Clerk's email automation tools over the past 3 months
  • £8,831 revenue was generated by Clerk's email recommendations over the past 3 months
  • 11% growth in active customers after using Clerk to run targeted campaigns for a year
  • 3.83x higher likelihood of customers converting after interacting with Clerk
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Despite being a successful and prosperous business, Barefoot Junkie has a very small team working on the e-commerce website, which means their time is quite limited. 😵 Before implementing Clerk, the team tried to manually do some sporadic email campaigns. But soon, the brand realized that it was time- and energy-consuming, and it was not done regularly enough to make an impact. Therefore, the team at Barefoot Junkie was looking for a solution to improve the production and performance of their email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, Barefoot Junkie wished to stay relevant in their communications with customers. For instance, at its most basic, the brand didn't want to recommend women's footwear to a male customer. So, the brand aimed to create more targeted email campaigns with more personalized product recommendations.


Sending emails on autopilot: the cheapest and easiest way to sell

After implementing Clerk, Barefoot Junkie significantly improved the quality and quantity of their marketing emails. For the brand, the main benefits of leveraging Clerk Email are threefold: automation, cost-effectiveness, and hyper-relevance via personalization.

First of all, Clerk’s AI-powered email automation tool allows Barefoot Junkie to fully automate the production of their marketing emails and remove all the time-consuming email flows. As the team at Barefoot Junkie describes, "Auto email is an absolute no-brainer." With Clerk, the brand can now constantly communicate with their targeted audiences, updating them on all that is happening with their e-commerce site and products 📣. Moreover, the whole process is now automated. After the onboarding, Clerk Email pretty much just looks after itself and draws in more sales without the brand having to manually spend hours and hours emailing various groups of customers.

Taken together, Clerk allows Barefoot Junkie to do email marketing in a much more cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Endless possibilities of sending targeted emails that generate revenue

Barefoot Junkie also optimized their email marketing with Clerk’s Email Personalization tools, providing customers with tailored experiences to keep them engaged and increase conversions. 🥰🛍 Here’s an example of how the brand uses Clerk to run a loyalty campaign. The brand sends out automated emails to their loyal and VIP customers who are currently slipping away (as they haven’t bought anything from the brand in a while):

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This marketing email can effectively incentivize a customer’s re-engagement with a discount code and personalized product recommendations.

The beauty of Clerk's system is that it offers endless possibilities of creating personalized communications with their customers. Barefoot Junkie can use Clerk to configure all kinds of emails, ranging from win-back campaigns that bring back lost customers to welcome campaigns that turn first-time buyers into repeat customers. Of course, each customer is different and unique: They have their own preferences and buying patterns which are impossible to figure out manually. Yet, as the team at Barefoot Junkies puts it, “Clerk’s Auto Email algorithms do it all for you. Simply amazing!”

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As the chart above presents, Barefoot Junkie has run a tremendous amount of email marketing campaigns over the past 3 months, and these automated email campaigns in total yielded £8,831 in revenue. Some of the best-selling campaigns include:

  • “NEW AW21 ” that recommends the popular, best-selling, and newest products in-store to all customers. With an open rate of 41%, this campaign generated £485 in revenue.
  • "Our Christmas Gift to You," a targeted marketing campaign during the holiday shopping season. And it brought in £488 revenue.

Easy integration and fast implementation: up and running from day one

Barefoot Junkie also particularly praised Clerk for its easy integration and fast implementation. After a bit of training from experts at Clerk and a bit of planning in the beginning, the team at Barefoot Junkie was up and running. From day one, the brand already began sending thousands of email communications a day automatically and generating extra sales.

“The onboarding process was very organized, friendly, and professional. The team at really cares about getting it right for you as a customer. They get involved with you discussing options, offering best practices, and taking all your feedback on board. Honestly, they are a pleasure to work with.”

- Daniel Hume, Partner & Director at Barefoot Junkie

This advantage of Clerk has also been proven by hundreds of our customers’ reviews on G2. Because of these positive reviews, Clerk has won the “Fastest Implementation” badge:

G2 fastest implementation

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